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What could possibly go wrong?

The "Pals battalions" of World War I were specially constituted battalions of the British Army comprising men who had enlisted together in local recruiting drives, with the promise that they would be able to serve alongside their friends, neighbors and colleagues, rather than being arbitrarily allocated to battalions. It was a badly conceived idea which ultimately resulted in tragedies where men joined together, served together and died together and whole communities had their menfolk wiped out on a single day.

Spain just announced that they are going to vaccine all their essential personnel. Including police, military, medical professions, teachers, workers in pharmacies and all people facing the public. However the Covid-19 vaccine this is not a vaccine. It is an experimental gene therapy with unknown long term consequences. What could possibly go wrong?

Pals battalions anyone?

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The world 's biggest lies...

The check is in the mail
I'll respect you in the morning
You get this one, I'll pay next time
I never inhaled
Two weeks to flatten the curve

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Word wakker!

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Designing inclusive systems

"AI" is here to stay as a participant in our society. Language and communication should be designed with a focus on equality between all participants. This is not the case. Current communication prioritizes technology and AI.

There is an abundance of bar-codes, QR codes and RF-ID tags all around us. These facilitate communication between devices leaving out human participants causing dependency on technology to bridge the gap.

An antenna bent in the form of an image or word illustrates the idea that a message can be send both as an electromagnetic wave but also visually. In other words, the same message travels on two wave lengths, providing redundancy.

We need to develop means of communication that focuses on continuing direct human access without dependency on technology.

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Quote of the week

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority. It is time to pause and reflect."

-Mark Twain

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Alternative ideas for digital search

When down scaling images you will loose details, however the context is maintained. This is an alternative way of reducing data.

It is quite the opposite of how most systems deal with data. Digital systems give details without the context and without the full picture. Its like giving a puzzle piece with exactly the data you asked for but without information about the rest of the puzzle.

Human-centric systems could apply the concept of "down scaling images" to search results.

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The mystery of the empty hospitals

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The digital way to deal with data

Digital simplification gives a skewed and distorted view of reality. The end result is not representative for the total data. You don't know what you don't know. It is the result of an idea that we cannot deal with big data. Therefore we have no access to source data.

Science and technology have turned into religion. Trust the science, experts and AI while there is no accountability. With the digital transformation this will become the new norm.

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EU Set to Implement Bloc-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

“From an ethical point of view vaccine passports are completely unacceptable. You’re going to create a two-tier system and history shows that when you create division within society it leads to civil unrest. It’s vaccine apartheid,” Dr Clare Wenham, assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics, warned in The Telegraph.

This is not likely to stop here. It will start with traveling, and end up to having this "passport" for a job, for grocery shopping, football, theater, gym, and for any social gatherings. In the new normal, it will be an AI run "compliance system" that will determine whether you are allowed to participate in society.
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The most worrying thing is that, to this day, there is no scientific proof whatsoever that viruses exist. So the big question is: what does the vaccine really do?
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That is right, it is not a vaccine, it is an experimental biological agent. Dr. Simone Gold explains it well:

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Out of the loop

Many automated systems make use of cards with an RFID chip that we carry around but do not give us feedback. For this, you need an additional electronic device that reads these cards. It makes us depend on systems we do not own, and have to adapt to rules enforced by AI. This is all part of the new normal we are sliding into.

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Visual interactive data representations

KartOO was a meta search engine which displayed a visual interface. It operated from 2001 to early 2010.

Search results were presented as a "map", with blob-like masses of varying color connecting each item. On rollover of an individual result a bunch of red lines connected related links. Every "blob" clicked added another word to the search query. The map would presented keywords or subtopics that defined the topic one was searching on, very much like an interactive spider diagram. (from: Wikipedia)

Visual interactive representations can represent information better than ordered list.

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You don't know what you don't know

"When you use Google, do you get more than one answer? Of course you do. Well, that’s a bug. We have more bugs per second in the world. We should be able to give you the right answer just once. We should know what you meant. You should look for information. We should get it exactly right and we should give it to you in your language and we should never be wrong. That’s our challenge." - Charlie Rose interview with Google chairman Eric Schmidt in 2005.

The above is a single concept and design philosophy out of many. It is an important one applied by many companies. Whether Google gets it right or not, end-users will never know what they didn't get. While Google collects an unlimited amount of data, the feedback is simplified and filtered by AI.

The idea behind this is that people cannot deal with large amounts of data. This is not true. People can deal with huge amounts of data if it is interactive and visually appealing.

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Niet altijd even gemakkelijk

reactie op:

Ja, ik ben geschrokken van de filmpjes die je gestuurd hebt. De toon ervan hitst mensen op. Het zijn propagandafilmpjes die proberen het gevoel van mensen te ontregelen.
Ze zijn tegen de regering, de gevestigde orde, rijke mensen en arme mensen, buitenlanders en vluchtelingen, tegen zwarte mensen, joden, indianen, Chinezen en Indieers.
Tegen corona, het zou een griepje zijn, het vaccin is bedoelt om de wereld te veranderen, we worden allemaal slaven van het grote geld waar de macht zit.

Als je meermaals dergelijke filmpjes bezoekt krijg je er steeds meer van. Ze zijn een gevaar voor zwakke mensen die ontevreden en gefrustreerd zijn.

Kom, daar luisteren en kijken wij niet naar.

Groet van je ongeruste moeder.

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Old vs new

System designers find it hard to provide feedback the same way as paper-based systems did. Solution? They stopped giving feedback altogether. Instead of a printed ticket full of data, we now got reusable plastic cards with no information on the trip printed. That is a step backward no matter the amount of marketing and propaganda tricking us into believing the opposite.

Tourists kept tickets as souvenirs for trips they made, no more.

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Digital vs analog

We pretend modern systems are better than the systems we had. Often this is not true. Digital systems filter data and remove options and details readily available in analog system. Digital systems present users with AI filtered and manipulated data, removing context.

Digital systems concentrate information in the hands of the owners while removing users from the feedback loop.

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The digital transformation

I started programming in the nineties with DBASE IV. Concept wise, little has changed. Current software is based on the same structures, objectives and logic as in those days, inheriting the same problems.

The digital transformation pretends to replace analog systems with digital ones that are supposedly better. They are not. Most systems are focused on achieving effectiveness and efficiency which is better for the owners while users lose their ability to influence and control the outcome of the processes they depend on.

The antidote is to find ways to re-introduce inclusive, human-centric analog ideas into the new systems.

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Tech Companies Purge Users

Taken from Simon Black at Sovereign Man - Zero Hedge - SUNDAY, JAN 17, 2021 - 22:30

Purges taking place across tech platforms and social media.
Major companies have used the events of January 6th at the US Capitol as an excuse to delete users and deplatform businesses. But the scope of the purge has gone much further than removing calls for violence.

The entire social media company Parler was shut down when Amazon banned it from its servers, while Apple and Google dropped the app from their stores.

Twitter executed over 70,000 accounts.

The message is clear: your access, your data, and potentially your livelihood is not safe in the hands of the biggest tech companies, which we have been conditioned to rely on. Express the wrong opinion, and you may be the next casualty.

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looking for solutions

It seems that many of the alternative media is just focusing on problems. That is not good. We need to focus on solutions or on removing the problems. Without solutions we are just complaining.

I will dedicate the next few months in building a solution addressing one single problem. I will first describe the problem, then describe the solution and build it. I will outline the steps and progress in here on the go.
Casper Rutten reshared this.

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On The Psychology of Military Incompetence

I remember reading a book, way back before 2000: "On The Psychology of Military Incompetence by Norman F. Dixon". It is about how people choose careers not based on what they bring to the table but what those positions do for them. It is about the authoritarian personality and how acquisition of power compensates for their fragile egos and fears.

The book covers the psychological factors that lead to leadership failures. It explains why those most driven to increase their status are often the least suitable for management positions.

Since societies are hierarchical we are continuously faced with the consequences of the wrong people in roles were they are taking decisions which affect millions. I found this book an interesting read.

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Loose talk can cost lives

There are many posters from the second world war warning about how talk can cost lives. During war controlling the information flow is paramount. Propaganda and censorship are weapons of war. War may exist without formal declaration and even without the enemy knowing they are targeted.

How would we find out if there is a war and we are the enemy? Well…. do we see propaganda in the public mainstream mass media and censorship in the alternative media? Is it targeting us?

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Lying to save the day

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The lie we are all part of - on the receiving end

"zo maak je mij wel in de war. Ik kan me toch echt niet voorstellen dat onze regering zich daarvoor geeft. Zo'n grootscheepse oplichterij zal hier door de journalisten bekend gemaakt worden"

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The lie we are all part of

We as adults all know that Santa Claus does not exist. It is a fake narrative purposely maintained. We tell ourselves that we participate for the benefit of the target group: the children. There is no harm in that. However, the essence remains: it is an elaborate, deliberate lie, part of an agenda, while the target group is kept unaware.

The precedent is set, the goal justified the means. Government and society can maintain lies to benefit a target group. The question is: would we notice if we are on the receiving end?

Can children look through the deception if the same people they trust and rely on to understand the world around them are the ones that maintain the lie?

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List of refusers

Spain is creating a register of people who refuse to take the corona vaccine. It will share that list with other countries. Effectively making it more difficult for these people to participate in society. The difference between mandatory and coercion is becoming a fine line. Shaming people for their anti-social actions is nothing new. However anti-social behavior is now including the refusal to take an experimental vaccine for a virus that has a high percentage of survival.

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Connecting the dots

“Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men. And,
weak men create hard times.”

― G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

We are constantly in the middle of an action-reaction wave. Actions from the past influence our current situation. This current situation influences our actions, which will then influence the future we are creating. This is more an automatism, an involuntary reaction to a situation than a recipe for achieving the future we want.

Time to stop, stand still and re-evaluate our thoughts, actions and their consequences. What direction are we taking? The dots are always connected, even when you do not see it.

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Why it matters

Quite a few of content creators I followed over the last few years have recently been purged and banned from YouTube, Facebook and twitter. The largest platforms have censored them. If a content creator has no access to these platforms they won't be easily found, seen or heard. The big tech giants work in unity to remove content that is not within their guidelines.

The implication is that you are not supposed to have access to censored information. If you continue to access it, you may break rules and possibly face actions against you.

For now, it is the content creators that are blocked, it would not surprise me if focus will turn to consumers taking away their access to alternative information through public channels.

Decentralization and alternative routes for communication matters and will become more and more important.

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Just a thought

Never liked Facebook, far too open, far too controlled, far too gamified. While social media is here to stay, it needs to change. We cannot continue to let big tech and their billionaire owners deciding for the whole human population what they may say and share. Decentralized platforms like "friendica" are a step in the right direction.

Lets see if these emerging contenders can become serious alternatives to centralized big tech products.

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