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It seems that many of the alternative media is just focusing on problems. That is not good. We need to focus on solutions or on removing the problems. Without solutions we are just complaining.

I will dedicate the next few months in building a solution addressing one single problem. I will first describe the problem, then describe the solution and build it. I will outline the steps and progress in here on the go.
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Thank you for being a part of vrije-mens and attempting to solve the issues.
My friend has been working in the media for the last four years and he is not happy with that tv channel because they mostly try to tell lies in their news. He needs to leave that job, but the company is not letting him go. They are offering him a higher salary and providing him with housing and kid's clothing discounts and school fees for one year. Please let me know what he should do. Should he quit or keep his job?
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