How the CIA Secretly Used Jackson Pollock to Fight the Cold War

Israeli forces killed hundreds in hostage rescue operation – Gaza Government

Former head of Mossad’s Intelligence division Haim Tomer: Hezbollah poses a threat that we have never imagined, and the Israeli army has no response to it

Russian Army Shot Down Drones, Destroyed Boats While Repelling Another Ukrainian Attack (Videos)

Israeli military used US ‘aid pier’ as part of Nuseirat massacre op.: Report

The Nazis Next Door: How America Became A Safe Haven For Hitler’s Men

Israeli airstrike on Gaza apartment results ...

North Korea sends around 330 trash-carrying balloons to South

Pro-Palestine Protesters Surround White House Over Biden's Retreat on 'Red Line'

Harvest of Earlier Wheat and Barley Begins in DPRK

State Judge Orders University of California Academic Workers to Temporarily Halt Strike

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What is the future outlook for Ayurveda in pain management within the UAE?

Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine originating from India, is steadily gaining popularity worldwide for its holistic approach to health and wellness. In the UAE, this traditional practice is witnessing a significant rise in acceptance, particularly in the realm of pain management. This trend is fueled by the UAE's diverse population, increasing interest in alternative medicine, and supportive regulatory frameworks. Let's explore the future outlook for Ayurveda in pain management within the UAE.
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Drop in Blood Sugar Level whenever I ate Spaghetti. I have been living on our boat with my family for 13 years, mainly in the Caribbean. In 2016, we had a conflict-laden confrontation with a French customs boat crew in Martinique. In the end, we successfully repelled these “pirates”. As a matter of principle, I […]

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