Urgent surgeries are being canceled due to coronavirus in Sverdlovsk hospitals

Chinese media warn US/Taiwan not to miscalculate Beijing’s will to fight in case of further provocations

Syrian Air Defense Forces shoot down two missiles fired by Israeli Air Force fighters

Greece: Streets on Fire, Water Cannon Used Amid Clashes in Rally Against Mandatory COVID Vaccination

#SaveIsraa: Palestinian re-launch social media campaign calling to free Israa from Israeli Jails #Palestine

Nicaragua’s Sandinistas Battle ‘Diabolical’ U.S. Empire and Poverty on 42 Anniversary of Revolution

Senator Klobuchar ignores First Amendment with new bill to censor online “misinformation”

Iran Armed Forces won’t allow any violation of territorial integrity: Commander

No need for US-led combat forces in Iraq: Prime Minister Kadhimi

Secretary of State: US will take action against hackers in Russia itself if Moscow fails to do so

Israeli forces detain 11 Palestinians during night raid on Beita #Palestine

Iran to keep defending Palestine until liberation: Raeisi to resistance leaders

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