Please DM me if you are:

-An #Indigenous person working in conservation

-An Indigenous writer with a story about conservation, especially if it challenges white establishment conservationism


A story I worked on for months is at the top of the Washington Post homepage. Please do not read it. We are on strike today and want to show they don’t have a newspaper without us, and they don’t get us without a fair contract.
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Read EVERY HEART A DOORWAY by Seanan McGuire if you love pomegranates, what happens after, boarding schools, wearing black, murder mysteries, attics full of books, creepy girls, beautiful boys, Wonderlands, Underworlds, hope, hurt, finding doors, dancing bones, and being sure.

@bookstodon #bookstodon #readthisif #readersofmastodon #readersonmastodon #readmore #bookrecs #bookreviews

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Yeah, people are still dying at an alarming rate from COVID, but it's no longer headline news so that's tantamount to it being a cured illness, right?

Yeah, exactly.

Out of sight out of mind.

As long as we all act like it can't get us, then it can't get us.

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From personal experience, masking indoors almost all the time (I've had to make some exceptions like dentistry, and I have forgotten my mask a few times, no one is perfect) and getting my flu and pneumonia vaccines every year has actually meant *no* multiple respiratory illnesses per year.

Like, I got covid at the start of this year (would NOT recommend, even vaxxed it sucked and I think I have some long term issues)

but I used to regularly get at least two colds/flus a year

Adam F. Lawton mastodon (AP)
@mybarkingdogs the past 3 years I've had exactly 3 colds. Each time I got sick it was because I was in a new environment.

Spain expels two US embassy staff for allegedly bribing intelligence agents

The Spanish paper El Pais reports that the US quietly withdrew two staff workers at the request of Spain's government.#Espionage #Politics #Europe #Spain
Spain expels two US embassy staff for allegedly bribing intelligence agents

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Mastodon got sum real ass untapped potential for social media.
Ngl when I joined last year I thought 😕
But I just a random nothing ngga from Houston and I got 3.6 thousand followers 🙃 this shit could be big feel me .
Just need to post more entertaining shit . Only complaint from me is dis app filled with dogs and cats and shit 🤣
And politics so fking boring!
Make this app fun guys and it could fk over Instagram, Facebook, tik tok , snap and all dat shit .
Folow me 🙏🏿
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Do you watch the YouTuber Zorro? He does some great compilations. Just watch the first five seconds of this one.

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@Researchbuzz ts hard 👌🏾
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😂😂whats one persons boring shit is for another exciting staff, but more fun posts yes👍🏽 and agree on 🐈‍⬛ 🐈 and 🐕 too😂😂

#RepealCitizensUnited: But, from 2018 to 2021, AT&T donated at least $574,500 to the politicians behind Texas' voter suppression legislation. Over the same time period, AT&T donated at least $99,700 to the Georgia politicians behind that state's new law to restrict voting.

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So #EvilSpock was clearly an #Inquisitor in the #w40k universe...
Salivia Baker mastodon (AP)
Now I want a Star Trek Wars crossover

Farhad A diaspora

She has won the hearts of the world with her beautiful smile and adorable beauty.

She is the most famous Palestinian child in the world right now and millions of people following her life on social media since her first video with Palestinian flag drawn on her face was shared on #TikTok, #Instagram and #Twitter.

#Gaza #Childrem #Invasion #Palestine #SaveGaza #StopIsrael #SaveTheChildren

#ThrowbackThursday to one of the absolute funniest stories I've ever heard. As with any good #story, whether it's true or not doesn't matter. Original author unknown, but profoundly thanked.
When my grandfather was young he owned a roadside motel, and my mother used to do work around the motel for the family. The building was old and they had bad pipes, so visits from the plumber were a fairly regular occurrence over there.

At one point they had a clogged toilet after a guest checked out, so they called the plumber to come and clean it out. The plumber came in with his bag of gear and set to work, but the clog was stubborn. After a few tries, he decided he needed to get the snake.

I don't know if you've ever seen a serious plumbing snake, but the big ones are a sight to behold. This isn't a little crank auger, it's a full-on electrical powered snake with a big motor on the back and a little grabby claw on the end.

So he fires up the snake and sends the metal coil down into the pipes with the claw closed, figuring whatever's down there he'll just bump it a bit, push it down the pipes until it clears - but this doesn't happen either. Finally, in frustration, he twists the control to open the mechanical claw at the end of the coil, closes it on something, throws the motor in reverse and starts to pull it back up. While they're discussing this, the room phone rings. The person on the other end is screaming, hysterical, so it takes a few minutes for them to figure out that it's the housekeeper who was cleaning the rooms. After a few moments, they manage to get the story out of her: 
The snake had missed the clog entirely. Rather than spiraling down into the plumbing where it was intended to go, it had wound its way into the central line, and then back up the pipes in the room next door. It spiraled its way up, out the toilet bowl, and then started flailing wildly around the next-door bathroom like a Lovecraftian nightmare made of steel, knocking things off of shelves and clattering furiously around the room. Then, while the hapless housekeeper watched in horror, a metal claw opened on the end of it and snagged the shower curtain, ripped it off the bar ring-by-ring, spun it around the room until it was coiled tightly around the cable, and dragged it back down into the toilet bowl. 

The actual clog was never found.
By now a couple of members of the staff have gathered in the room to try and figure out what the hell got flushed down the toilet that this giant machine couldn't remove. The motor is really straining - you know that sound an electric motor makes when it's working really hard? The whole machine is struggling to pull whatever this is back up through the pipes and into the room.

Finally, after an extended wait, the object is slowly dragged, sopping wet, out of the toilet bowl - and it's a shower curtain.

The staff is dumbfounded. They're trying to figure out how this could have happened. It would be weird enough if the guest had ripped the shower curtain down and flushed it down the toilet, but the shower curtain in the room is still there. It would be even weirder if the guest had brought their own shower curtain to the motel and tried to flush it down the toilet, but it's clearly one of their shower curtains. Did they try and steal the shower curtain, leave with it, then feel guilty and come back only to find that the shower curtain had already been replaced, and then flush the shower curtain down the toilet to hide the evidence?

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This proves the maxim: You are what you eat.


Kenny Chaffin diaspora
Either that or cannibalism!

Continuous deterioration of local currency in Aden doubles suffering of citizens

Was there in 1995. Also in summer a lot of shadow.

I think they could manage World Domination. They couldn’t do a worse job.


I may not be pretty, but I'm FABULOUS!
I like the one who blinks. ;)

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The billionaires behind California Forever (utopia city that tech plutocrats want to build in norther California) are suing local landowners for allegedly jacking up their prices.

The billionaires -- BILLIONAIRES -- accuse the landowners of ... "endless greed."


I mean, they'd know.

Boy it's a scorcher today, so far I've taken off my jacket, taken off my sweatshirt, rolled up my sleeves and rolled down the windows. It gets any warmer, and I'm going to have to strip down and deliver nekkid, and ain't no one want that
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Gabriel Attal a annoncé une série de mesures pour relever le niveau global des élèves Français : des classes de niveaux, le redoublement décidé par les enseignants mais aussi la création d’un Pôle Emploi junior, bientôt renommé en France Travail Junior, une succursale de Pôle Emploi (futur France Travail) censée accueillir les mineurs que l’Éducation Nationale aura décelés comme futur chômeur.

Hervé S. diaspora
Le tout, si je peux me permettre, avec les mêmes profs que l'année dernière, pas mieux payés, ce qui fait que le recrutement ne séduit personne et amène par exemple à embarquer des profs de math à partir du seuil de 8/20 à l'examen.
Ça va sûrement marcher.

Eighty Years of Lies: President Franklin Roosevelt Told Public Pearl Harbor Was A Surprise Attack—However There Is Considerable Evidence Demonstrating Government Foreknowledge

After seeing that I'll vote twice

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"Israel will never willingly free Palestine because at this point they're terrified that Palestinians will treat them the way they're treating Palestinians....
(Plus they want the land, too...)

Seen in the subway in Brooklyn, NY

"Israel will never willingly free Palestine because at this point they're terrified that Palestinians will treat them the way they're treating Palestinians....
(Plus they want the land, too...) Written on a NY subway wall using red marker
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It's important to note the RSA didn't turn into a vengeful slaughterhouse without Apartheid, but the petty bloodthirsty throngs are still convinced everyone else is going to be genocidally punitive rather than seek peace and justice.

What a tragic and terrible way to go through life. Forever trapped by their own soulless projections. Fearing others after they are free, instead of fearing for others when they are not, shows a deficit of intellectual and emotional development.

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I mean, they absolutely would. Not the average Palestinian, of course, who is more interested in just living a life and being treated like a person, but whatever government they formed would absolutely try to do that.

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The man who invented knock-knock jokes should get a no bell prize
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Dammit, Miriam

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Several dozen Adélie penguins gather on rocks on an island near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.
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#Antarctica has no #ants at all and will finish off #humans by releasing its ice into the ocean.
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A little segue, my sister just last week returned form a cruise to Antarctica, I was simultaneously envious and disgusted, if that's a thing.

It's something I long wanted to do myself but decided years ago never to do becase of the CO2 emissions, the enviormental damage and the high potential for introduced bacteria and contaminants etc (I know they take precautions but the risk is still high)

Tourism fucks most things, so no reason to assume it won't make Antarctica worse.


Bread and Circuses mastodon (AP)
Nighttime scene of trees and buildings burning in a southern California wildfire from 2022.
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Homo Sapiens = Earth Cancer.
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So far as we, the physicists, are concerned, we are no politicians and it has never been our wish to meddle in politics. But we know a few things that the politicians do not know. And we feel the duty to speak up and to remind those responsible that there is no escape into easy comforts, there is no distance ahead for proceeding little by little and delaying the necessary changes into an indefinite future, there is no time left for petty bargaining.

-- Albert Einstein, 1945

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