Italian Newspaper La Repubblica reports that NATO has sent an intelligence warning to its alli [...] #Donbass

You can be transphobic somewhere elsr


Farhad A diaspora

Sounds perfectly logical.

You can't expect the "good guys" Poland or US doing something this evil!

It must have been Russians who did it.

#Russia #Nordstream #Meme #NATO #Politics #Poland #US #Europe
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As many tu quoque fallacies as you may throw at it, the more irrational it seems.
Farhad A diaspora
Good for you my dear

Farhad A diaspora

Don't you dare bringing that up, Israel is a democracy and has the god given right to do what ever they please because they are the chosen people.

Lets give them more money and import tax exemption and let them be de-facto Europeans because they share the same values as civilized Europe.

#Russia #Ukraine #Israel #Europe #US #Hypocrisy #DoubleStandard

I can't go into any specifics until some paperwork is handled, but suffice to say I'm back on the job market effective immediately.

I love Linux, Rust, Python (sometimes), systems and networking, automation, dev XP and tooling, ethics in tech, **four day or less work weeks** (I've worked 4DWW for the past year and I would love to keep it that way), etc. Any of ya who know me to any degree here know what I get into

Small co's pref'd

Remote PST tz, obvs auth'd to work anywhere in US

Oh yeah and: smol tech and co-ops and open source work to the front please. Even part time / contract basis stuff. I'm happy to take a bit of a pay cut from where I was to work on stuff that's not VC backed and/or stuff that benefits more than just shareholders. I'm open to almost any kinds of work, but those spaces in particular will motivate me to pick up the phone at almost any hour. Holler 😀

I'd rather have a small group remember me for who I am rather than a massive chunk of the population remember me for only what I did.

"The work loses part of its meaning when nobody remembers who the person behind it was." - Me, 2022

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Cap de Long - Néouvielle - Hautes-Pyrénées

2eme plus grosse retenue de Pyrénées francaises
Altitude 2161 m - Superficie 110.0 ha - Profondeur 131 m
67 millions de m3
Construction entre 1950 et 1953

#rando #hicking #Pyrenees #Pyrénées #Pirineus #Pirineos #montagne #mountain #landscape #photo #photographie #photography #fotografie #fotografia #Neouvielle #Cap-de-Long

oh no... do i have a praise kink

Content warning: praise kink?

Content warning: praise kink?

(having pretty tame fantasies about kissing girls) god im so fucked up. im such a fucking slut

Content warning: what do I want

Content warning: what do I want

Content warning: :boost_ok: pictures (polaroids) of me being embarrassed, some ec, Stella fetish 2

late mornings, curled between fluffy blankets and warm arms and messy hair and soft lips, that make me glad i was born


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To help my friends from #Iran 🇮🇷 I have set up a #Signal #Proxy to circumvent internet blockage.

Please use:

Click the link and open the Signal Android app.
(It will work ONLY on #Android!)

If it gets blocked in the future, tell me and I'll change Domain and Proxy-IP.

Alternatively, #Matrix may be a good messenger to use. I provide MXIDs if needed, just ask me.

Stay strong! 💪

Content warning: caps

Nur noch 2 Tage, dann beginnt die #BitsundBäume22 🤖 🌳 💾 🌲


Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf die vielen Vorträge und den Austausch.

Unser Beitrag "Das #Fediverse - Ein Workshop" findet am Sonntag ab 16:50 Uhr im Raum "Birne" statt.


Kommt vorbei und lernt zusammen mit @ueckueck mehr über #Mastodon, #Pixelfed, #PeerTube und #Funkwhale.

#BitsUndBäume #BitsUndBaeume
Sharepic zum Workshop mit einem Fediverse-Logo und einem Krageligen Baum und Roboter, die sich an den Händen halten mit dem Bits und Bäume Logo daneben.
"Entdeckt das Fediverse mit Bits und Bäume Dresden"

All original #artwork on this feed is available for purchase and #licensing.
please contact me here:
Get my #art on stuff in my store
Support me here:

Hi, this is my first post, I’m trying to leave Meta and I’m looking for a new home to post my music, to meet new people without selling all my personal data and thoughts in change of a bunch of stupid quarrels and ego exhibitions.

A big thank to @m2m to lead me on the right path

Here a taste of my music, I hope you like it

must... resist... urge... to... correct... people... on... fedi
"Are you coming to bed?"
"I can't.  This is important."
"Someone is *wrong* on the Internet."


Have you ever wondered why an integer is evenly divisible by 3 if and only if the sum of its digits is divisible by 3?

Of course you have.

Well here's why

Incidentally, this rule is of course recursively applicable.

Take the number 160,851,325,561,311. It's digits sum to 48.

Suppose you don't know from memory that 48 is divisible by 3.

The sum of 4 and 8 is 12, which you probably know is divisible by 3.

But even if you don't, 1 + 2 is 3, which is clearly divisible by three.

#Arithmetic #NumberTheory #Fun


The last time I boosted a toot I had to sleep on the couch.

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So, how many times can we say, "He can't do that!!"
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2022 election will be the same but dont tell the globalist FBI


neulich am Telefon

Freundin: "Wie alt sind Deine Kinder denn jetzt eigentlich?"

ich: "Der Kleine 4, der Große 8 und der Dicke 52."

Jetzt sitzt der Dicke im Arbeitszimmer und schmollt... 🤷‍♀️

#EnergyPrices: the 27 🇪🇺EU countries have agreed on three EU-wide temporary measures. 

These new emergency rules will support the most vulnerable people and companies by cutting energy costs.



US Engineered Energy Crisis in Europe. Weaponizing the Dollar, Global Economic Depression

高遠くろ助 mastodon (AP)

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#photography #nature #landscape
Coucher du soleil à Lopud, Îles Élaphites-Croatie.
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