open street map JOSM data - potrero arroyo

Mediciones y diseño inicial de zonas potrero arroyo

Zonas de pastoreo - 36 ha

Zonas de rebrote de plantación del año 1991 cosechado a tala raza en noviembre 2007:
Zonas de tala raza enero 2022:

10.4 ha
cosechado-despachado: 2461,54t
promedio: 236.6t por ha
estibado: + 68 (?)m3/t de raleo camino interno de zonas a ralear y bordeo parcial

Zonas a ralear 23.3 ha

Zonas a ralear contra el arroyo - 2.7 ha

Zona arroyo - monte natural 6.25 ha
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zona cerro - 5.4ha

estimacion segun zonas de tala raza del 2022:
tala raza = 1.278t
raleo quedando en pie aprox 30%:
zona de colina sur || potrero arroyo - 4.9ha

estimación según zonas de tala raza del 2022:
tala raza = 1.156t
raleo quedando en pie aprox 30%:
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Uh If you're living on gavascon constantly, I'd hope you'd have gone to the doctor. Although given the state of the NHS 🙇‍♀️.

Not have a random study pick it up from your store card loyalty shopping. #massdatacollection

I hate puff stories like this normalising surveillance capitalism. Once it's been sold on, you don't know where it goes and say it with me "data leaks"

Consider if you want Palantir getting its grubby paws on it down the line.
ghostdancer mastodon (AP)
And insurance companies or recruiting companies. It's a nightmare.
We also know that data being collected and collated together like that is a literal threat to democracy.

Which is also why advertising is as well. Marketeers like knowing a demographic audience and to target the message.

Yes I'm still pissed off about the NGI outreach office and it's communication workshop. Especially the later syllabus about SEO, marketing and Web3.

And the fact they went back to zoom.


iametza mastodon (AP)
🏆 @argia sarien 2023ko Interneteko saria Mastodoneko euskal komunitateentzat izan da:
▪️ @iametza, @AzkueFundazioa,, @puntueus eta @Talaioskoop|en artean martxan jarrita
▪️ @izarkom|ek abiatua
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shushanik diaspora
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #ancient-history, #architecture, #armenia, #armenian, #art, #france, #french, and #music.
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Bienvenue sur D* et une douce pensée pour l'Arménie !

Nicholas Winton helped 669 Jewish children escape the Nazis. His efforts went unrecognized for 50 years. Then in 1988, while sitting as a member of a TV audience, he suddenly found himself surrounded by the kids he’d rescued, now adults.

I like to remember this every Jan 27th.

Via Betsy Smith
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Buenos pues las elecciones primarias del sindicato en el trabajo se han realizado. Contento con el resultado más que nada porque todo queda igual y el equipo trabaja muy bien. Me he presentado por estar dentro de la lista y como esperaba estoy entre los últimos. No he hecho campaña y curiosamente me han puesto el último de la lista.
El año pasado me comí las elecciones autonómicas andaluzas y me hizo pensar en el sistema
Primarias, avales, democracia, sindicatos, ayuntamientos, comunidades autónomas, Estado… ¿debería decir reino mejor? ¿A quién votamos, por qué? ¿Confianza, cercanía, preparación, apariencia, pertenencia…?

YA diaspora
a special #caturday #treat...

Muse diaspora
Frenchy cat
Gorgeous cat!

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Not surprising Eren is #1 with all those Attack on Titan fans.

But surprising that Aki made it into the ranking at all, since he isn't even a protagonist.

Ayanokouji at #4? Remarkable. Tanjiro only #7? Weird.
#1 #7 #4

Choose wisely.

(I would not mind being a librarian, personally)
A 4 panel comics.
- 1 a wizard, standing next to a sword stuck in a large stone saying "pull the sword from the stone and become the new king!"
- 2 a young lad asks the wizard "are there any other available jobs?"
- 3 the wizard replies "get the cat out of the tree and become the new librarian", an orange cat can be seen on the highest branch of a tree in the background.
- 4 the same young lad, now sitting at a large desk in a library, reading a book with a smile on his face. The orange cat is sleeping happily on a corner of the desk.

disroot mastodon (AP)
🏗️ Maintenance window 40 🏗️

This weekend (28-29.01.2023) in the evenings (starting from 21:00 CET until approx. 2:00 CET) we are planning to work on following:

🐱 Saturday - we are going to work on authentication server. During which you won't be able to change nor reset your password.

😎 Sunday - we are planning to upgrade our Nextcloud instance ( As a result you could expect noticeable downtime of up to two hours.

“Germany At War Against Russia!” – Says German Foreign Minister - Invidious

#geopolitics #war #WWIII
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Farhad A diaspora

“Germany At War Against Russia!” – Says German Foreign Minister - Invidious

#geopolitics #war #WWIII

cranston diaspora
scott ritter on #ukraine update.

Les chats : un problème pour la biodiversité autant que pour le réchauffement climatique | DEFI-Écologique : le blog

#environnement #biodiversité #climat
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Je ne vois dit pas quoi faire, je vous dit juste ce qu'il est possible de faire.
@♻ Citoyen Candide ☮ j'aime les débats.

Sinon quand je dis quelque chose de pas populaire c'est parce que je suis certain de ne pas être le seul à le dire, d'autres grand penseurs aussi se sont prononcés. Les reportages sur l'intelligence animale j'en ai déjà vu, merci et rien d'exceptionnel, rien qui ne change ma façon de penser.

Three day vacation and then everyone back to work.
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NATO’s 'war against Russia' inches 'closer to direct conflict'

Не знаю, насколько это ценно, но может кому пригодится.
DNS Blocklists:
#adblock #adguard #ads #blacklist #blocklist #dns
Iron Bug friendica (via ActivityPub)
да этих боэклистов как говна за баней. вопрос в том, по какому признаку туда попадают адреса.

Andreas vom Zwenkauer See friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Friendica Support
Was iss'n hier passiert:
Wieso sind ALLE unsere Systeme plötzlich "outdated" und im Git-Branch Master gibts keine neuen Dateien ?
Was habe ich nicht mit bekommen ???
OldKid :friendica: friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Andreas vom Zwenkauer See es wird am git server gearbeitet ich nehme mal an das es daran liegt

Over the weekend, we will do some...lets call it on the repositories. During that time the repositories for the Friendica core and addons on wont be accessible. Afterwards you will need to redirect your upstream master URL for future pull requests to our own Forgio server.

!Friendica Developers

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im moment will ich paypal alleine wegen den übertriebenen runden an captchas loswerden... alter
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Mir geht diese gesamt Multifaktorscheiße und Passwortkacke sowas von auf den Zeiger.

Soll das moderne Sicherheitstechnologie sein? Das muss simpel,automatisch, sicher und unter der Haube ablaufen, nicht so wie aktuell.

Auf Enterprise:
"Zum Abfeuern des Lasers geben Sie bitte ihre 17stellige Sonderbuchstaben-Passwort von franz. Tastatur ein, loggen sie sich bitte in ihre App ein. Außerdem haben wir Ihnen SMS mit einem Code geschickt. Und markieren sie alle Bilder mit einem Romulaner."
Rico Guhr mastodon (AP)
geht mir ähnlich

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Chen Pei-Yi - Cats [+]

#ChenPei-Yi #caturday #painting #art

Naomi Heartbreak mastodon (AP)
Today I have been being depressed by politics, but now I am going for a walk because the kid wants to go for a walk. It's cold out. Help.
Naomi Heartbreak mastodon (AP)
@ljwrites my kid loves to go for walks. He doesn't go to bed very early these days (he's 14) and he has this habit of coming down the stairs at nine or ten and sitting down for a minute and then saying , 'so, I was a bit bored and I was wondering...' and then I have to go for a walk. He's very insistent and I feel bad if I don't do every little thing he ever wants because he is such a good kid. And he always says things like 'you should go for a walk, cardio is healthy' that you can't argue with
damn, and it's even colder at night, too 😭 why does he have to have impeccable logic?

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Kim Philipsen - Portrait of a Man from Ayers rock [+]

#KimPhilipsen #Portrait #Aborigines #drawing #art

Nanook friendica (via ActivityPub)

Non MRNA Covid Vax

This impresses me as a far safer approach though I do not want the spike protein injected in any form, using the capsid protein makes more sense, both because it is less variable and because it doesn't have to enter your cells to get expressed, thus you get protection before infection rather than after.
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