This is a testimonial concerning the symptoms of stroke for women: numbness, feeling of paralysis, and loss of sensation in a very mild form. The symptoms feel like numbness, like anesthesia at the dentist, but weaker. The general motor functions are still intact, but it is unpleasant. I am right-handed, and so my left side […]

Mother and child spontaneously heal their simultaneous allergies by ending family generational patterns! Organs Affected: Nasal Membrane & Sinuses Embryonic Germ Layer: ectoderm Brain Control Center: cerebral cortex Kidney Collecting Tubules Embryonic Germ Layer: endoderm Brain Control Center: brainstem Symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, and fluid retention during conflict-active phase; increased urine output, nasal stuffiness and […]

When children return from the playground with genital herpes signs and symptoms, this is a cause to be alarmed, as the cause is usually not as harmless as in this case. Last summer, we went on vacation with our children to the Dacha, an allotment garden settlement on the outskirts of town. The children ran […]

Conflict content: Separation conflict and skin rash that itch because of the deceased guinea pig. My friend’s daughter received her long-awaited rabbit for her 8th birthday in April 2020. So that the rabbit didn’t have to grow up alone, her parents allowed her to choose a second pet. A guinea pig moved in with them […]

✍️ This is an excellent real-life example and observation concerning the presence of ‘skin parasite rash’ and scabies symptoms in hanging healing of the epidermis. The following is my experience of SBS on the epidermis with scabies mites. My mother suffers from dementia and constantly wants to go home to her parents. I look after […]

A mother reacts with Intense Salivation, vicariously, for her son. I would like to share my latest experience of how I reacted, on behalf of my son, with very strong salivation and mucus production. My son is 3.5 years old, and he wants to explore the world and discover everything around him. For some time […]

Squinting in one eye and bronchial dry cough in a little boy because of a children’s theater. Hello, I have a testimonial concerning my three-and-a-half-year-old right-handed son. We took him to a children’s Christmas theater evening, where the children could actively participate. Baba Jagar is a traditional Russian fairy tale, that every Russian child knows […]

Trigeminal neuralgia facial pain that occurs suddenly and disappears at the predicted time. How is this possible? Dear Mr. Pilhar, About two years ago, I accidentally came across Dr. Hamer’s “Germanic New Medicine.” Since then, I have devoured several of his books (most recently “The Archaic Melodies”) and received the testimonials you forwarded, which I […]

Several leg ulcers suddenly appeared and healed spontaneously, thanks to the GHK. How is that possible? I am a 69 years old left-handed Female (MHS). I became a single mother 30 years ago when I divorced the father of my three sons. The divorce was acrimonious, and my two oldest sons were clearly constellated due […]

What is being overweight according to the Germanische Heilkunde? What are the main reasons why people are overweight? Why is one person very slim his whole life, no matter what and how much junk food he eats, while another person gains weight from drinking a glass of water? Is it really genetically determined as the […]

What is Down Syndrome Trisomy 21, Mongoloid, and Circular Saw Syndrome? Are these four different so-called ‘diseases,’ or are they one and the same thing, with the symptomatology being readjusted, reinvented, and adapted by conventional medicine over time? Only a few decades ago, the underlying symptomatology was called ‘Circular Saw Syndrome.’ It was known that […]

Papillomas in the armpits disappear spontaneously after years. How does this work? This is my first conscious experience with the 5 Biological Laws of Nature on my own body. For about ten or fifteen years, I had papillomas in my armpits, which are small skin growths about one millimeter long. The first time I discovered […]

Obedient Humans: For thousands of years, it has been known how to make people docile. The ruling powers have understood for thousands of years how deliberately traumatizing young humans and animals makes them docile and obedient. Today everyone is able to understand this mechanism for the first time thanks to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s discovery […]

Aphthous Ulcers for six years spontaneously healed. How does it work? A friend has asked me to help her with her mouth sores. She had suffered from excruciating Aphthous Ulcers for six years. She told me about her painful, inflamed sores that started in her mouth, sometimes spread to her larynx and stomach, and could […]

Herpes Symptoms First Outbreak is not caused by herpes viruses, as this testimonial perfectly illustrates. I want to share an exciting experience that happened to me today while I had a guest over. I own a parakeet; he is very attached to me and is always on my shoulder. When I am at home, it […]

Anger about a blocked car park can cause heartburn – as shown in this GHK testimonial. Hello Helmut Pilhar I am 69 years old and left-handed. I live in an apartment building close to a community center, and I own two parking spaces, but I have only one car; the other parking space is for […]

Hepatitis; Liver Bile Duct Obstruction Cured by a Dream I would like to tell you my case example, and you are welcome to publish it on the GHK Academy website and in the study groups on Telegram. Hopefully, it will be helpful for others to understand GHK better. Also, please correct me if I misunderstood […]

Enlarged Pupil in One Eye, this experience report shows the cause. My oldest daughter is 14 years old and suffered from terrible, disfiguring acne. The pimples came and went without scarring, but often, they became subcutaneous inflammation with a thick pimple. It was horrible to look at. She was very worried and concerned whenever she […]

Let me share my experience with my Fever Blister. Yesterday I went with my family to my parent’s house to help with wallpapering. I was sitting at the table, with my husband, drinking tea while my mother was making her pies on the same table. My husband and I watched how my mother took the […]

Suddenly, a Stiff Neck, what is the cause? Hello! I would like to share with you my GHK observations regarding a situation with my eldest daughter (13 years old, right-handed). On September 1st, my daughter woke up suffering from pain in her neck and was unable to turn her head and neck to the left. […]

Doctor Hamer, in Germany 1500 Patients die of cancer every day. Why? The 1500 patients are killed every day in Germany. And the hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide are killed daily, with chemo and morphine. And absolutely unnecessary, because, according to the Germanic new medicine, they almost all could survive. We used to think […]

A young woman suffered from Migraines Chronic over 9 years. Nothing could help her until she learned GHK I am 32 years old, right-handed and I suffered from chronic migraine for nine years. I was afraid of festivities, gatherings, and bright sunlight with heat. There was a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of […]

Newsletter of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Berlin about cancer in Israel Cancer; is remarkably rare in Israel The National Cancer Registrar of Israel, Dr. Micha Barchana, recently announced that cancer rates in his country, already very low, are fortunately continuing to decline. This is especially true of colon, breast, and lung […]

Marc Fréchet Translation from German (Original in French) Clinical Psychologist and former consulting assistant for medical and psychological Oncology Subject: Verification Testimony To The Court of Justice, I am aware that this statement can be used in this court. I am aware and accept any consequences of the following statement to your jurisdiction. Since 1978, […]

Here is my Testimonial about a 30-year separation conflict and Lips Cracked For 30 years, I had sore lips several times a day. Since elementary school, I needed different ointments or lip balm to eliminate the unpleasant burning of my lips. Of course, as a man, it is quite unpleasant to need lip balm (Labello […]

What is Cracks in the Corner of the Mouth? Good morning. I would like to share a short experience report with you. I received the gift of the five biological laws of nature 12 years ago, and I am pleased when I can use it to help my children. The other day my son (5yrs) […]

Identity conflict of a left-handed boy affects the whole family. Something happened to our son that can only be compared to a fairy tale. The Frog Prince and the pretty princess who kisses the frog whereupon he turns turns into a prince. This is exactly what happened to our almost 11 year old, left-handed boy. […]

May 30, 2023 The PHA is very proud to interview John Halledauer about GHK (Germanische Heilkunde) The GHK system has the potential to return health independence and sovereignty to all people. Perhaps it is for this reason that GHK has been so staunchly opposed and suppressed by the medical establishment. We hope that you will […]

Let healing happen! Creation does not make mistakes. It is perfect. On June 29, 2021, I received the following message from my beloved: “Honey, let’s dig into the attic this afternoon and see what is usable because I want a chicken coop.” This started a remarkable learning journey for both of us, because animals are […]

Let healing happen! Creation does not make mistakes. It is perfect. On June 29, 2021, I received the following message from my beloved: “Honey, let’s dig into the attic this afternoon and see what is usable because I want a chicken coop.” This started a remarkable learning journey for both of us, because animals are […]

What is the Germanische Heilkunde by Dr. Hamer all about? Germanische Heilkunde, (GHK), represents a brand new perspective on biology, life, and self responsibility. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer established the foundation of this revolutionary discipline in 1981 with the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, yet the scope of his work has been ignored, suppressed and […]

Fast Flu because of the nightly barking of my dog, GHK experience report Being sick is almost fun when you can instantly identify the conflicts, as it happened to me the other day. There are three mini-conflicts of a typical cold. With best regards Viola H. A 15-minute flu It was the last night in […]

Track for Migraine – German New Medicine Testimonial Hello, I am 33, right-handed, and have had occasional mild to moderate ocular migraines (mostly right-sided) on weekends for about eight years. I have been familiar with Germanische Heilkunde for 1.5 years, and I have studied it more intensively for about a year. Unfortunately, I have not […]

Since childhood, I have always had Pimples on the Buttocks. Even in puberty, I hardly had any pimples on my face. They came only during my military time at 19 because of the greasy camouflage marker, which was hard to wash off, but I had pimples all these years on the buttocks. I only got […]

HIV and Thrombocytopenia, the start of my GNM journey. Original story from William, a facebook friend. I was 39 years old when I tested HIV positive. It was November 2009 and I was with my partner, celebrating my Mothers 78th birthday. I received a phone call from my local clinic, asking me to come in […]

Symptoms of Parotid Gland Cancer in a bird watching Cat Moving to a new house brings new challenges for humans and animals. For example, the nearby surroundings have to be explored and sniffed out for the first time, the taste of the regional rats and mice have to be tested, and the neighboring animals have […]

A Spontaneous Cure to Parkinson’s Disease, a young woman tells how she succeeded. Hi John 🙂, thank you for your online course – it is amazing and extremely helpful. I am glad I am able to attend. I wanted to share a little story about resolving a conflict. I am not sure if I identified […]

Helmut Pilhar und seine Übersetzer der Akademie Was ist damals im Juni 2022 tatsächlich vorgefallen? Hier jetzt die Hintergrundgeschichte mit allen Beweisen und Dokumenten erstmals öffentlich unter diesem Video. (Übersetzung aus dem englischen Original) Viele warten schon sehnsüchtig auf unser GHK Academy Webinar, das wir am 7. April starten werden. Ich werde das Webinar mit […]

Dr. Hamer – One Against All – GHK Academy Dr. Hamer talks about his time at the university, and the methods of his opponents, and he tells names that are well-known to most of the GNM community.
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