NATO wages war against Russia through the hands of Ukrainian people

Human Rights Violations by Multinational Corporations: Corruption, Lawlessness and The “Global Value Chain”

Without Palestine, There is No Arab Unity: Why Normalization with Israel Will Fail

India-Russia Trade Settlement: A Way Forward

The Milgram Experiment 1962 Full Documentary

China Completes Drills Around Taiwan Island, Will Regularly Organize Combat Readiness Patrols in Taiwan Straits

Venezuela to Restore Military Ties with Colombia (Bilateral Relations)

Fire erupts at military unit outside Moscow

SpaceX’s Space Junk “was intentionally jettisoned upon reentry to make the Crew Dragon’s return to Earth easier”

UK government dismisses Israeli apartheid – “doesn’t agree with the terminology”

Colour Revolutions: Counter-revolutions

US not to allow China to isolate Taiwan — Pelosi

“Israel’s” Offensive against Islamic Jihad Was Not a Victory, but There Are Lessons to Learn

President Raisi Terms Launch of Khayyam Satellite as Reason for Pride

CBS Wanted To Do Critical Reporting On Ukraine’s Government But Ukraine’s Government Said No

Protesters Gather outside Pro-Israeli HQ in Manhattan following Gaza Airstrikes (+Video)

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