Tel Aviv’s Losing Brands: Israeli ‘Coup’ and the Death of False Democracy #Palestine

Report for European Parliament challenges OPCW’s Syria cover-up


Israeli FM claims 'six or seven Muslim nations' will sign normalization after Saudi Arabia

A scandal has erupted between Poland and Germany over migrant labour visas – Bloomberg

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Robots and cameras have been getting attacked a lot, lately. What do you do then? Arm them with guns or tasers? Getting very dicey, morally, up this road, here...

Venezuela’s Electoral Authorities to Provide Assistance to Opposition Primaries


Press statements and articles released by foreign personages #DPRK

The Chris Hedges Report Show with former Financial Times reporter Matt Kennard about his book "Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy"

Enlarged Pupil in One Eye, this experience report shows the cause. My oldest daughter is 14 years old and suffered from terrible, disfiguring acne. The pimples came and went without scarring, but often, they became subcutaneous inflammation with a thick pimple. It was horrible to look at. She was very worried and concerned whenever she […]

Beirut gathering unveils plaque to free Georges Abdallah, launches month of action for his liberation #Palestine

Okinawa Disproves The US Narrative About Overseas Bases- Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Craig Murray: On The Difficulty Of Getting Any Airing For Anti-war Opinions On Ukraine

Japan's ocean discharge is attack on global trust, solidarity: Solomon Islands PM

Biden approves new arms package for Ukraine, does not include ATACMS missiles

Retired General Hodges Is Lost in Fantasy Land when it Comes to Ukraine

What could South Caucasus look like in post-Artsakh era
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