Netanyahu: only military pressure will lead to release of Gaza hostages

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

The Financial Times has revealed a secret club of Europe’s biggest bankers

EU postpresidents will start agreeing on the 13th package of sanctions against Russia on 14 February

Babies were used in experiments in the interests of pharmaceutical companies in Mariupol

Putin’s interview with Carlson caused hysteria in NATO – French politician

The Czech Republic said Russia benefits from the US moratorium on LNG exports

Russian troops have entered Pervomayskoye – Bild analyst

Ukraine faces collapse in the absence of Western military aid – The Guardian

UNICEF says 700,000 children in Sudan face life-threatening malnutrition

Rodong Sinmun on Regional Development 20×10 Policy

Xi says China-Russia relations embrace new development opportunities

Egypt threatens Israel with suspension of peace treaty if Rafah invaded: WSJ

Israel-Palestine: One State for All

The divergence of Israeli and US approaches on the settlement of the Palestinian question

Gladio, WACL, Fascism and the CIA with Hugo Turner

Drugs for Western Pharma Firms Allegedly Tested on Mariupol Psychiatric Patients for Years

AP Rectifies Its Manipulation of President Maduro’s Statements (+CNN Fake News)

North Korea Must Be Ready to “Occupy” South – Kim

Latest updates of Operation “al-Aqsa Flood” launched by Palestinian resistance

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Greek Farmers Ignore Prime Minister's Warnings against Protests

At least 26 civilians killed in intense Isra ...

War with Hezbollah to be deadliest for 'Israel': 130-page report

Putin Subverted The Media’s Expectations In His Interview With Tucker

Turkey: The rise and fall of the country's first woman central bank governor

Countdown To Day X: CIA Reportedly Plotted To Kill Assange

Israeli Strikes Hit Western Outskirts Of Syria’s Damascus (Video)

Argentine journalists express support for Cubainformación project

Putin: ‘CIA Secretly Run Ukraine – They Want World War 3’

Arab Politicians, Military Figures: US-UK Aggression on Yemen Is a Failure and Will Not Achieve Its Objectives

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 127: Growing international alarm over Israeli plans to invade Rafah #Palestine

The 14th International Congress of Higher Education in Cuba ends
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