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25 Years of Venezuelan Defiance

INTERVIEW: Rand Paul on Endless Middle East Wars, the Border, & More. PLUS: Gonzalo Lira Sr.—Father of “Assassinated” American Journalist—Demands Biden Be Held Accountable | SYSTEM UPDATE #227

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War With Iran Unfeasible for the U.S.

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Tens of Thousands Forced to Flee Democratic Republic of Congo as US/Rwanda-Supported M23 Attacks Intensify (+Coltan)

Absence of Evidence: Israel’s Case Against UNRWA

More than 100 Palestinians martyred by Israeli bombing of Rafah city

Two Palestinians killed by IOF in Bethlehem and J’lem #Palestine

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Chinese vice premier stresses travel safety during Spring Festival

Polish Farmers Spill Ukrainian Grain in Border Row

Propaganda by Edward Bernays FULL AUDIOBOOK

The World’s Gyre

Prepare for conflict with Russia in five years – German general

West Asian Football Federation Calls on FIFA to Ban Genocidal Apartheid Israel From Football #Palestine

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