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Designing inclusive systems

"AI" is here to stay as a participant in our society. Language and communication should be designed with a focus on equality between all participants. This is not the case. Current communication prioritizes technology and AI.

There is an abundance of bar-codes, QR codes and RF-ID tags all around us. These facilitate communication between devices leaving out human participants causing dependency on technology to bridge the gap.

An antenna bent in the form of an image or word illustrates the idea that a message can be send both as an electromagnetic wave but also visually. In other words, the same message travels on two wave lengths, providing redundancy.

We need to develop means of communication that focuses on continuing direct human access without dependency on technology.

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The digital way to deal with data

Digital simplification gives a skewed and distorted view of reality. The end result is not representative for the total data. You don't know what you don't know. It is the result of an idea that we cannot deal with big data. Therefore we have no access to source data.

Science and technology have turned into religion. Trust the science, experts and AI while there is no accountability. With the digital transformation this will become the new norm.

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EU Set to Implement Bloc-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

“From an ethical point of view vaccine passports are completely unacceptable. You’re going to create a two-tier system and history shows that when you create division within society it leads to civil unrest. It’s vaccine apartheid,” Dr Clare Wenham, assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics, warned in The Telegraph.

This is not likely to stop here. It will start with traveling, and end up to having this "passport" for a job, for grocery shopping, football, theater, gym, and for any social gatherings. In the new normal, it will be an AI run "compliance system" that will determine whether you are allowed to participate in society.
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The most worrying thing is that, to this day, there is no scientific proof whatsoever that viruses exist. So the big question is: what does the vaccine really do?
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That is right, it is not a vaccine, it is an experimental biological agent. Dr. Simone Gold explains it well:

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Out of the loop

Many automated systems make use of cards with an RFID chip that we carry around but do not give us feedback. For this, you need an additional electronic device that reads these cards. It makes us depend on systems we do not own, and have to adapt to rules enforced by AI. This is all part of the new normal we are sliding into.
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