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Biden’s presidency has been a series of lies, broken promises, and fumbling failures.
These are just a few of the biggest flops of Biden’s first year in office. #YearInReview

At least 4,470 refugees and asylum seekers lost their lives making dangerous journeys to secure a better life in 2021.
Meanwhile, Europe continued to fortify its borders, and migrants were met with illegal pushbacks.
The U.S. told migrants to “not come.” #YearInReview

From resisting colonial occupations and racial inequality, from climate justice to land rights, from farmers rights to putting an end to gender-based violence, women were at the forefront of all kinds of struggles in 2021:

2021 was on fire. Literally. The stakes could not be any higher for the future of the planet. As forests burned down, world leaders’ promises at the climate summit this year rang hollow. #YearInReview

2021 saw states significantly ramping up their anti-migration policies. Here are 5 anti-refugee border walls that were built this year: #YearInReview

2021 was not an easy year for the Palestinian people, who continued to resist all types of injustices committed by the Israeli occupation. #YearInReview

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