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Rare Footage of Soweto Uprising

Why France’s New “Anti-Vax Law” is MUCH Worse Than You Think

Poll: Two-third of Israeli settlers oppose humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza

A Copper’s Skewed Logic: Politicising Palestinian Visas

Three Civilian Injuries Reported in Sa'adah and Hodeidah Due to US-Saudi Aggression

The Destabilization of Haiti: Anatomy of a Military Coup d’Etat

Two civilians injured in explosion of war remnants in Hodeida

Peskov: CIA was actively working in Ukraine and recruiting people even before 2014

Iran's top diplomat meets head of ICRC

Multipolarity Forum Kicks Off in Moscow

Kuleba said that the West is looking for shells for Ukraine in third countries

Pushilin: the AFU began using HIMARS to strike Donetsk after the loss of Avdeevka

EU paid more to Russia in 2022 than it sent to Ukraine in two years – FT

Zelensky recognised the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive

Does Russia need the U.S.?

NYT pointed out the inconsistency of the data presented by Zelensky about the dead soldiers of the AFU

CIA has created a network of secret bases in Ukraine – NYT

Minister Kurbakov: 160 tonnes of Ukrainian grain dumped in Poland

The Kiev Regime Can No Longer Win – It In Fact Never Had A Chance To Win

Extraordinary charges of bias emerge against NYTimes reporter Anat Schwartz #Palestine

Roger Waters on Julian Assange & Gaza: The Ruling Class is FULL OF SH*T, Israel is a FAILED STATE

How Canada's Liberal Party was Infiltrated by Misanthropic Technocrats


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