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Iranian press review: Iran to crack down on agencies helping elites to emigrate

Factories and enterprises to be modernized in field of machine-building industry #DPRK

The Storming of Hell – Chapter 20

Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar: The steadfastness of the Sahrawi people and their clinging to their land and rights will fail all the policies of the occupying state #WesternSahara

Gene Edited Catastrophe in Brazil. Mosquitos. A Gates Foundation Project

Sanaa denies media reports on imposing royalties on EU ships

Assange Extradition to US Is State Retaliation for Political Reasons, High Court Total

WATCH: New York Rally for Assange

WHO Director-General warns health and humanitarian situation in Gaza is inhumane and continues to deteriorate #Palestine

The Descent into Barbarism

The Limits of Political Progressiveness in the United States

KCNA Comments on “Human Rights Judges” #DPRK

The Network of Interference against Cuba Goes from the United States to Spain, Passing through Mexico

Space debris will damage ozone layer and Earth’s climate

Breaking History Ep 33: The Roots of the Russian Deep State (or Why 5th Columnists are Expendable to their Handlers)

New U.S. Effort To Place Russian Nuclear Weapon in Low-Earth Orbit

Israel’s Arrow System Intercepts Another Missile Near Eilat (Videos)

240220 YT SH SS India Protests

Russian MoD: Evidence in Avdiivka confirms participation of mercenaries in fighting with Kiev forces

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