This #, meet Willem Arondeus, the openly gay Dutch artist and author who started an underground resistance movement against the Nazis during WWII. He was executed in 1943 for bombing a public records office to protect Jews from Nazi persecution. His final words were:

This #, we remember Amelio Robles Ávila, a Zapatista colonel in the Mexican revolution who was assigned female at birth but lived openly as a man from age 24 until his death at 95. Robles fought many battles in the revolution and was awarded the Mexican Legion of Honor.

Anti-imperialist, LGBTQ advocate, feminist and revolutionary writer James Baldwin on love and sexuality: “Love is where you find it.” #

Mexico remains the world’s 2nd most dangerous country to be transgender. At least 189 transgender people were killed in Latin America last year.
This #, watch our report “Trans Sex Workers Of Mexico Unite”:

For 3 consecutive years, Poland has been ranking as the EU’s least LGBTQ-friendly country. We spoke with an LGBTQ+ activist about the discrimination the community faces in Poland. #
Watch our report “Never Again: Fighting the Polish Far-Right”:

This #, we remember the revolutionary transgender communist, activist and writer, Leslie Feinberg. Feinberg was an active anti-war, anti-racist, and pro-Palestine activist who emphasized the interconnections between all forms of oppression.

Pride under apartheid? Every June, Israel paints itself as a “gay heaven.” This is part and parcel of Israel’s pinkwashing strategy that aims to obfuscate its colonial crimes. But what exactly is pinkwashing? #
Full interview:

From colonial laws to U.S. evangelicals, the West has a long history of exporting homophobia to Africa; the first anti-homosexuality laws in East Africa were written by the British. This #, watch our report “Exporting Homophobia to Africa”:
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