The streets of Santiago, Chile burned yesterday during this year’s May Day demonstrations which saw long-running battles between protesters and the Carabineros, Chile's notorious riot police.
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Over a thousand people joined an anti-capitalist coalition for the "Revolutionary May Day” demonstration through the heart of Frankfurt yesterday. The protesters rallied under the slogan "against rearmament and the militarization of society, neither Putin nor NATO!" #

Economic Freedom Fighters' President Julius Malema called on Africans to fight for one currency, one president and one parliament at a huge May Day Rally in Johannesburg. "Africa is not a continent, it is a country, we are one."
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Athenians are out en-masse for May Day today protesting soaring energy and food prices, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.
Metros ground to a halt and ships were docked as thousands of workers joined the demonstration.
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[LIVE] Thousands are on the streets of Berlin for the Revolutionary May Day demonstration gathering under the slogan “No War But Class War”. A main theme of this year's demonstration is opposing imperialist wars. # # # #

[LIVE] Thousands of workers, students, pensioners and others have taken to the streets of Paris for International Worker's Day to protest against the government policies on social rights, job cuts, and civil liberties. # #

Today is #, a day celebrated around the world. But did you know about its revolutionary history? #
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