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President of Republic receives congratulatory message from his South African counterpart on 48th anniversary of Sahrawi Republic #WesternSahara

Chadian Capital Still Under Heavy Security After Attack on Intel Agency Office, Reports Say

Washington blocks UNSC statement condemning Israel for 'Flour Massacre'

China Resumes Shuttle Diplomacy As Ukraine War Drums Are Getting Louder

How to make your workplace Genocide free

MSNBC Says ‘White Rural Voters’ Are ‘Threat To American Democracy’

Díaz-Canel calls for participation in march in support of Palestine

George Galloway: Chinese dragon soars despite West’s biased caricature

People gather to celebrate the life of communist activist Claudia Jones

Chinese president’s special envoy attends state funeral of late Namibian president

New York Time’s exposé details expansion of CIA secret war in Ukraine over decade ago

Chinese Embassy in London organises round table discussion on building a shared future for humanity

The works of the 2024 Presidential Council Continue #WFTU

146 days onWar of extermination and starvationThe longest and bloodiest aggression on the Gaza Strip #Palestine

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This war-imposed starvation policy was also used against the Irish by the British. That's why 80-90% of Irish people are displaced overseas, from fleeing famine. It is very meticulous. We are recording every second of these heinous crimes.

Aldous Huxley ~ Slavery by consent. You're being made to enjoy your servitude

Mass Famine in Gaza as 100 Die at Aid Convoy. Biden Reaffirms Israel Support. Oct. 7 Propaganda Collapses. PLUS: Bari Weiss & TIME Reveal Neocons’ New Self-Victimhood Narrative | SYSTEM UPDATE #236

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Egypt-Turkey: a very positive visit by President Erdoğan

At least 77 Killed in Gaza As Israeli Forces Open Fire on Palestinians Seeking Aid

Johnny Mercer’s Legacy: Denying Victims Justice in Ireland

People of Mashhad vote in shrine of Imam Reza (AS)

WFTU 2023 Report of Action #WFTU

These words are penned in hunger from northern Gaza. I have little energy to go on #Palestine

UK brags about direct involvement in attacking Russian Navy ships

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