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SPY STORY! German Discussion of Attacks on Crimea Bridge with Taurus Missiles

Mexico denies applying for BRICS membership

Injured survivors of Gaza aid chaos say Israeli forces shot at them

The West’s Latest Copium Is That Russia’s Gains Increase The Danger To Its Own Troops

Doc Malik: Everything Is Heading Toward a One-World Government

Over 9,000 Palestinian women murdered in Gaza, UN estimates

ICJ Proceedings Instituted by Nicaragua against Germany for Violations to the Genocide Convention

Two Years of the Russian Military Operation in Ukraine and Ten Years Since the Coup in Kiev That Started It All

Unravelling the Mystery of Canada’s ‘Annexation Movement of 1849’ – Part 3

More Martyrs and wounded in ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip

The Last Refuge is Resistance

Considerations on the Future of BRICS and the UN

Kiev allocated $34 million for the construction of fortifications on the Zaporizhzhya direction

China resumes shuttle diplomacy as Ukraine war drums get louder

Bild: Russian Armed Forces destroy AFU positions with FAB-500 bombs

Journal du Dimanche: France exploits public fear ahead of EP elections

Hamas delegation arrives in Cairo to complete truce talks

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