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The US is Not Just Complicit, But an ENABLER of Israel’s Genocide in Gaza (Prof. Avi Shlaim)

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Sadly, for some people, this still constitutes news. For 20+ years it hasn't been for.

Breaking History Ep 33: The Roots of the Russian Deep State (or Why 5th Columnists are Expendable to their Handlers)

Brazil’s Lula Exposes Israeli Crimes

Hezbollah Drones Go Beyond Haifa, Israelis Voice Concerns: Video

Almost every cellar in Avdeyevka turned into imported ammunition depot — top brass

Day 138 roundtable: Catastrophe in Khan Younis, occupation on trial at ICJ #Palestine

Israel-Palestine Isn't 'Complicated', You Just Support Killing Palestinians

An ode to my school, destroyed by Israel #Palestine

Female citizen killed in Dhalea landmine blast

Neo-Nazi Kiev Regime, Deep-rooted Historical Connection to Nazi Germany

Benjamin Netanyahu on borrowed time, by Thierry Meyssan

Nebenzya: US position leads to spread of violence from Gaza to the Middle East

Cuba Harbors Good Expectations for Paris 2024

New Israeli report alleging ‘systematic and intentional rape’ by Hamas relies on debunked Western media reports

Future of sport lies in emerging countries

UK Navy's disastrous state takes turn for worse, eroding London's strategic capabilities

Lavrov: The US is at war against Russia not only hybridly, but in some cases directly

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US Ambassador frustrated with Hungary for building security ties with China

Ending the War in Ukraine, Off the Battlefield

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Russian and Turkish Foreign Ministers Lavrov and Fidan met at the G20 in Rio de Janeiro


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Greece prepares Huge National Strike on February 28 #WFTU

Foreign Ministry: Russia-Argentina relations should be at the same level or better

Scholz and Lackeys Dig Grave for Germany

EU, Palestinian Authority sign a 25.6 million agreement to improve water supply services in Gaza City #Palestine

Surveillance software found on EU politicians’ phones – Politico

Western countries have no concrete strategy on Ukraine – Politico

The Bundestag has voted against a resolution to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles

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