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Al-Qassam Brigades destroys Zionist troop carrier in Khan Yunis

Russia: Ukrainian march shot down in Bryansk province

Venezuela Condemns New Campaign to Criminalize Venezuelan Migrants in the US

Ben Shapiro’s Uninspired, Uniparty Foreign Policy. Child Porn Scandal Rocks Leading Dem Streamer—What Is This Sub-Culture? w/ the Vanguard and Sneako | SYSTEM UPDATE #232

in reply to Acta Populi

extremely uncredible article, from an outlet controlled by a Russian intelligence service. Are you posting this so we can see what propaganda Russian citizens are seeing, or do you actually believe it?

Western intelligence services will hold pro-Ukrainian rallies to create an excuse to seize frozen Russian assets

Foreign Ministry calls 13th EU sanctions package illegal and undermining UNSC prerogatives

Zelensky’s interview for Fox News gained 26 thousand views

AFU forced to abandon territories due to ammunition shortage – Welt

PM Kristersson says Sweden and Hungary will soon become NATO allies

WP columnist: Washington’s double standards undermine US diplomacy – US influence in the world is weakening

KCNA Commentary Dubs U.S. “Peaceful Effort” “Crocodile’s Tears” #DPRK

Zelensky said the AFU is preparing for a new counter-offensive

Telegraph: AFU unable to engage Russian Armed Forces due to ammunition shortage

Orban: Hungary will add Swedish Gripen fighter jets to its air fleet

The EU has imposed personal sanctions on the DPRK’s defence minister

West categorically does not want serious dialogue on Ukraine – Lavrov

US Veto on Algeria's UN Resolution Became License to Continue Killings in Gaza, Moscow Says

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 139: As Palestinians in north Gaza starve, Israel attacks MSF building in Rafah #Palestine

VIDEO: Assange Awaits Decision On Permission To Appeal

Israeli raids renewed on Rafah, martyrs reported

Russia withdraws from fishing deal with Britain after UK’s new sanctions

America Is Preconditioning The Public For More Meddling In Myanmar

Four Norwegian Universities Cut Ties With Israel Over Gaza Genocide #Palestine

“Wiki-Gate”: Julian Assange Was Framed by the People Who Supported Him

Ukraine – two years on, no end in sight

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