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The Weaponization of Mosquitos: WHO and Gates Inc Announce Plans to Flood Africa with Ultra Dangerous Malaria “Vaccines”

UN rights chief Volker Türk: The carnage in Gaza must end #Palestine

Egypt: Israel Must Stop the Massacre Before Ramadan

German Defence Ministry Verifying Possible Interception of Conversation - Reports

'Israel is Destroying Itself': How Western Media Helps in the Slaughter of Palestinians

Nigeria Should Join BRICS, Sell Crude Oil In Naira – Falana

Putin Explains Why Russia Doesn’t Pose A Threat To Europe – John V. Walsh

Texas wildfires kills two, destroys 500 structures

Aaron Bushnell’s Divine Violence

Six crises of capitalism

Transnistria appeals to Russia for help

Vladimir Putin's Address to the Federal Assembly, by Vladimir Putin

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 147: No ceasefire in sight despite international condemnation of Israel’s ‘flour massacre’ #Palestine

Palestinian Health: The number of victims of the “flour massacre” rose to 116 martyrs

The Empire's Weakness Is That It Still Needs Normal People To Turn Its Gears

Moscow: Chance of adopting US draft resolution on Gaza is very small

There is a revival of the left-wing anti-war movement in Britain

Volkswagen Workers Back Union Drive in Chattanooga, TN #WFTU

Two Years of the Russian Military Operation in Ukraine

Illegal Israeli settlements land for sale in Canada

Recording of German Discussion About Strike on Russia Authentic, German Military Reportedly Say

The West needs to be reminded of Russia’s strength

Trump called the U.S. humiliated on the world stage

Expelling US troops: Iraq's resistance efforts gain steam in Baghdad

Two Contrasting Views Of Trump’s Ideology

Federal Agents Arrest Journalist For Reporting on Jan 6 and Exposing Government Role

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