Afghan official thanks China for aid to quake-affected families

Xi praises PLA's HK Garrison for serving central govt's administration of HK

US vehicle quality hits 36-year low as supply, labor woes continue

Volt, Australia's first online-only bank, shuts down due to fund-raising woes

Walgreens shelves pharmacy Boots' sale as market turmoil hits dealmaking

Mining firms poised to lead capital raisings in Canada, TSX CEO says

World’s Largest Imperial Power Sponsors Calls for Russia to ‘Decolonize’ and the Lack of Self-Awareness is Palpable

Podcast — Whitney Webb — The Real Story of Epstein & Maxwell the Media Will Never Tell You

Despite 144 Million Americans Living in Legal States, DEA Making More Cannabis Arrest Than Ever

Almost 500 migrants have died this year on routes to the United States: IOM

US judge ensures that anti-Covid vaccines are developed with cells from “aborted children”

The Restitution of Poland’s “Borderlands”?: Ukraine in the EU, “Polish-Ukrainian Federation” and the Issue of Restitution

Saadia Farajallah Matar: Palestinian mother’s life taken by occupation medical neglect #

Ukraine: Warmongering Rhetoric. The Dangers of a Nuclear World War III. The WEF’s “Great Reset” includes War with Russia?

More than 24 crew members missing after storm Chaba passed through Hong Kong | Video

Chinese Wisdom in Xi's Words: Borrow a pair of wings from crane to soar up to sky

Xi's trip to Hong Kong to give powerful boost to "one country, two systems" practice: article

Italy returns to Mexico a batch of 30 archaeological pieces | News

Gazprom Suspended Gas Supplies to Europe Due To Repair Work

Iran FM: Zionist regime in worst security, political conditions ever

Miguel Etchecolatz dies, repressor during the Argentine dictatorship convicted of crimes against humanity

Uvalde School Police Chief Resigns From City Council Following Texas Shooting

171 violations of humanitarian, military truce recorded in Yemen

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