Farhad diaspora

Getting trashed by bots and anti russians on Reddit for posting this on a post about Russia spending millions on propaganda!

It seems like Americans not only have short memory, they also have a very sensitive trigger point, specially the Biden supporters who blame all the shit in the country on Russia or the Trump supporters blaming it on China!

But got forbid you mention their 70 years of disgusting foreign intervention and millions of dead people from Iran in 1953 to Bolivia a few years ago all across the globe.

I guess those evil Russians posting some fake stories on the American social Media sites is far worse than murderign Patrice Lumumba or killing Pinochet or training and supporting Osama Bin Laden and the drunk lunatic Yeltsin.

#Politics #Propaganda #Dumbfuckistan #Russia #China #Biden #Trump #Idiocracy
Ted diaspora
USA foreign policy is the textbook example of propaganda, terrorism, bribery, extortion, and general thuggery, but we hate it when others try to influence our politics.
Farhad diaspora
I meant killing Allende not Pinochet

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