Бобры RT обманом грубо изнасиловали Тёму Татьяныча.

Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world

The European Union’s Progressive-Left post-nationalist leadership is set on challenging the sovereignty of nation-states, by eliminating borders and letting in millions of Muslims

En 51-årig kvinde fra Mozambique er fredag ved Retten i Aarhus blevet idømt en behandlingsdom på en psykiatrisk afdeling og udvisning af Danmark for flere brandstiftelser og forsøg på brandstiftelse

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Muslim pakistanis are real double standard people. They want to be able to take their islamic religion with them to all other countries they travel to. But at the same time many of them are totally fine by that christian pakistanis are very persecuted and often get killed for their religion in pakistan

Muslimske pakistanere er rigtigt dobbeltmoralske. De vil på den ene side gerne have friheden til at være muslimer, og tage deres islamiske med sig til alle de lande de rejser til, men samtidig er mange af dem helt okay med at kristne pakistanere bliver forfulgte og dræbt for deres religion i pakistan

To stop Islam, we must accept the reality, stop pretending, make an overdue decision, and take common sense measures. Here are the 10 steps to stop the spread of Islam in America, Canada, UK & Europe

Et skræmmende indblik i enhedslistens terrorsympatier. Partiet har sågar flere medlemmer der aktivt støtter terrorisme

Already-Obese Average Americans Have Drunk & Eaten Their Way To An Extra 5lbs During Lockdown

Trump’s vicious intentions of demonizing China must be condemned

Decoupling with China will come at "significant cost" to U.S. competitiveness: WSJ

Poor, vulnerable hopelessly suffer in US: Global Times editorial

U.S. sanction game reveals its addiction to supremacy

The Senate Should Focus On What The Flynn Transcripts Do Not Contain... Starting With A Crime

Venezuelan Government and Opposition (G4) Signed an Agreement to Fight Covid-19 (PAHO)

Pentagon Says 1,600 Army Troops Have Moved To Joint Base Andrews Outside Washington DC To "Support Civil Authorities"

Acta Populi (via DFRN)
Former Antifa Member Admits Group's Acts Are "Very Definition Of Domestic Terrorism"

Acta Populi (via DFRN)
This Treasury Official Is Running The Bailout And It's Been Great For His Family...

Acta Populi (via DFRN)
VT Right Again: FBI Finds “Zero Intel Indicating Antifa Involvment’ in Riots (they are riots that coincide with peaceful demonstrations)
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