Air raid sirens heard in eastern Ukraine

[Video] Released Russian military arrived at the Chkalovsky airfield: video #Donbass

Russian Defence Ministry: Russia strikes Ukraine's military command and control system

Moscow responds to Emmanuel Macron's criticism of Ukraine missile strikes

Hezbollah deplores Lebanon's sectarian political system

Zelensky and the West make Ukrainian people experience hardest winter of all times

❗️Putin's aim is not only to increase the number of military vehicles produced but also to im [...] #Donbass

Raisi: Enemies Sought to Implement Schemes They Had Carried Out in Other Countries, But They Failed To Do So

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi: US, Allies Should Be Aware That They Will Receive A Severe Blow from the Iranians

Kiev Mayor Reveals 70% of Residents Still without Electricity

Iran rejects Special Session of UNHRC as political scam

Infomatika supplied equipment for FIFA World Cup stadium in Qatar

Russia passes new law banning LGBT propaganda in nearly all spheres of social life

UAE militias break into citizens’ houses in Shabwa

Ambassador Aala: Passing non-consensual resolution by UNHRC against Iran is unaccepted departing from the Council principles
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