Propaganda by Edward Bernays FULL AUDIOBOOK

Dollar up to 90.01 rubles at Moscow Exchange opening

The Greatest Threat to World Peace? A Review of Daniele Ganser’s ‘USA: The Ruthless Empire’

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

The West’s Pro-Armenian Pivot Is Complete After The US & EU Openly Took Its Side

Saudi Arabia overthrows pro-UAE leader in Hadramout

ICESCO condemns Israeli occupation attacks o ...

Israeli Air Raid Claims Lives of Two More Journalists in Gaza: Monitoring Group


Precedence given to prospecting and tunneling at Ministry of Coal Industry #DPRK


What is Down Syndrome Trisomy 21, Mongoloid, and Circular Saw Syndrome? Are these four different so-called ‘diseases,’ or are they one and the same thing, with the symptomatology being readjusted, reinvented, and adapted by conventional medicine over time? Only a few decades ago, the underlying symptomatology was called ‘Circular Saw Syndrome.’ It was known that […]

🖼 ☀️In Memory of Daria Dugina Памяти Даши Платоновой-Дугиной

Former Ukrainian ambassador to the USA: aid to Kiev develops according to worst-case scenario

Plane with 117 Russians evacuated from Gaza takes off for Moscow

Xi Jinping: The principles we follow in handling China-US relations are mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation

BREAKING: US Air Force Global Emergency Action Message Broadcast

Modi Reaffirmed India’s Balanced Policy Towards The Latest Israeli-Hamas War

Jordan's King calls for an immediate ceasefi ...

Years of mainstream media neglect of Palestinian reality means that truths come as shocks to most Americans #Palestine
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