Citizen wounded by Saudi artillery shelling on Sa'ada

PKK "terrorists" in N. Iraq almost eliminated: Turkish defense minister

Lebanon: General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces orders all units not to implement any decision taken by Judge Bitar

IAEA inspectors found no military equipment on Ukrainian NPPs, Director General says

USA Escalates War on Lebanon: It’s Barbara Leaf’s Disintegration Scheme

Military Overview: Wagner Fighters Encircle Ukrainian Garrison In Bakhmut (Video 18+)

Economic Update: Economics for a New Year

Aldous Huxley, The Ultimate Revolution - UC Berkeley Speech (1962)(transcripted)

Military Situation In Donbass And Zaporozhie Region On January 23, 2023 (Map Update)

Media Outlets In Australia Report Surge in Fatal Cardiac Arrests

What do night sweats mean? We must distinguish between day sweats and night sweats. Sweating during the day occurs to cool the body by evaporation. Night sweats occur at night, in the deepest vagotonia, at about 4 am. Night sweats are a typical symptom of a tuberculous healing phase. Since any TB stinks, think of […]

Zambia to re-engage China on sports diplomacy, youth exchange program: official

Russia downgrades diplomatic ties with Estonia in retaliation

Rheinmetall says may send 139 Leopard tanks to Ukraine

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There is a Country that Receives $100 Million in Military Aid per Year from the Biden Administration While It Engages in Ethnic Cleansing and Literally Tries to Starve Another People to Death
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