Blinken defends US ‘legacy’ in Afghanistan during testimony in Congress

Aldous Huxley ~ Slavery by consent. You're being made to enjoy your servitude

Poll: A quarter of US Jews believe ‘Israel’ is apartheid state #Palestine

Prisoners publish list of wanted jailers accused of torture #Palestine

San Diego teachers’ federation approves resolution calling out Israeli apartheid and war crimes #Palestine

BREAKING| At least 3 settlers wounded in resistance operation in occupied Jerusalem #Palestine

Israeli PM visits Egypt in first official trip for a decade #Palestine

Unusual Progressive-Centrist Alliance Wins Universal Child Care Subsidy

Video| 112 extremist Israeli settlers break into Al-Aqsa Mosque #Palestine

Effects of the Israeli blockade on the economic and humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip #Palestine

Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails enters 61st day of hunger strike #Palestine

Israeli forces arrest, interrogate relatives of two of Gilbou’s six breakers #Palestine

Breaking| Israeli forces shoot, critically injure Palestinian man in Bethlehem #Palestine

Remembering Amiri Baraka and his poem ‘Somebody Blew Up America’

Israel Mocked by Throwing Tens of Spoons in Front of Tel Aviv Embassy in Washington

Swiftbonds LLC

What are Department of Defense Performance Bonds?
Department of Defense (DoD) bonds must be held by all freight carriers responsible for hauling military freight. The SDDC (Surface Deployment and Distribution Command) is the military branch that is in charge of them. Depending on how many states a company serves, the bond amount will vary.
DoD Performance Bonds: What do they guarantee?
Dedicated to ensuring the delivery of military freight, they ensure carrier performance and fulfillment. In addition to abandoned shipments and bankruptcy, the bond covers instances in which a carrier cannot or will not deliver military freight that they've been contracted to move. Damage to the cargo or late pickup from the shipper are not covered by the bond.

Number of Jewish Americans moving to illegal settlements increases ‘dramatically’

The US Government & Death Squads: The Crimes of the US in Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Guatemala

Biden as Dictator in Chief, Imposes Nationwide Compulsory Covid-19 Vaxx Mandate

In Video: Millions In Cash & Gold Bars Allegedly Found In House Of Former Afghan’s VP Saleh

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