Where’s the Rage for Israel and NSO’s Pegasus the West Had for China’s Huawei?

War correspondent: Terrorists intensify shelling of de-escalation zone in Syria

Member of Ukrainian Parliament acknowledges Poroshenko’s involvement in the assassination of the Somali battalion commander

Ukraine – The reason for Avakov’s resignation is the failure of the investigation into Sheremet’s murder, which the former minister was hiding

Snoop List Has 40 Indian Journalists, Forensic Tests Confirm Presence of Pegasus Spyware on Some

Nicaragua: US Sanctions Will Disrupt Sustainable Beef Production and Reforestation

Cuba: Demonstration of ‘Revolutionary Reaffirmation’ in Havana

Kick Under the Table? Boris Johnson’s New Move to Seize Venezuelan Gold

U.S. Intelligence Coverup? Newly Declassified FBI File on Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain Compounds Evidence Implicating his Wife’s Role in his Murder

Lowkey: Israel’s Entryism and the Campaign to Create a Binational Security State

Why Opposing Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitic: The Christian Roots of Zionism

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Aldous Huxley ~ Slavery by consent. You're being made to enjoy your servitude

Israel’s envoy to US asks American states to use anti-BDS laws against Ben & Jerry’s #Palestine

“Why Is There No Help?”, Wildfires Rage In Russia While The World Looks The Other Way
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