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68-й день рождения Путина: чем запомнился

Brigitte Gabriel ist eine libanesisch-amerikanische Journalistin, Autorin, Politik-Dozentin, Islamkritikerin und syrisch-maronitische Christin aus dem Libanon. Der Libanon war einst ein demokratisches und christlich geprägtes Land. Ökonomisch war es die beste Wirtschaft im nahen Osten, obwohl kein Öl fließt

Evil democrats who hope Trump dies from his covid19 infection. Evil has no place in politics, and no place in the US

In connection with last week’s Islamist-inspired knife attack in Paris, in which two journalists were seriously injured, investigators have apparently seized exciting evidence on the main suspect’s mobile phone

Why should the entire world reject Muhammad as a prophet? Here are 50 reasons, arranged by category (some reasons could have been listed under more than one category)

Under president Donald Trump och Joe Bidens fösta debatt under natten mot onsdagen svensk tid yttrade Demokraternas kandidat en fras som gick somliga förbi medan andra snappade upp den och försökt bringa klarhet i vad det faktiskt var. Nu står det klart att Biden använde en arabisk fras i debatten

Today the Associated Press updated its Stylebook to tell reporters how they should describe riots. Basically, the AP doesn’t want readers to get the right impression

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse attempted to do what the police were unwilling to do: defend lives and property. As a result, hordes of domestic terrorists in Kenosha, Wisconsin tried to kill him. Then Rittenhouse was falsely charged for defending himself from a relentless attack by a crowd. The true criminals remain free (the ones who burnt the town down), while the mainstream media vilifies Rittenhouse for his valor. Please support his legal defense

Adam og Noah. Bare en oplysning til jer. Indavl er sjovt i sig selv. I behøver slet ikke sige eller gøre noget

Support for President Trump surges in the black communities. Of course it does. As a black christian you would also not want a democrats backed islam takeover of the US. That is in nobodys interest. Black, Latino, Indian American. Everyone must unite against islam and their supporters

Конкуренция с мировыми брендами

The foreign ministry has recognised that christians is the most persecuted in the world

We're the first Bitcoin CPA affiliate network that allows you to earn Bitcoins by completing online promotional offers

Video van Helmut Pilhar met een uitgebreide introductie in de Germanische Heilkunde met nederlandse ondertiteling.

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BREAKING: Senior ABC News Reporter Reveals Top Bosses Spikes News Important to Voters: ‘Our Bosses Don’t See an Upside’; Network Refuses to Acknowledge Trump’s successes: ‘We Also Don’t Give Him Credit for What Things He Does Do’
A senior political reporter for ABC News covering the presidential campaign told a Project Veritas undercover journalist his network is unable both to provide relevant news to Americans and function as an honest messager

De PVV wil onze eigen mensen in ons eigen land direct meer geld in hun portemonnee geven. Een op de drie Nederlanders verwacht hun rekeningen niet meer te kunnen betalen. Door het verlagen van het lage Btw-tarief naar 0 procent, het verlagen van de energierekening met 375 euro per huishouden en het verlagen van de huren geven we Nederlanders in deze moeilijke tijd meer financiële ruimte

This section of the Mohammed Image Archive is about the various competitions, contests, art exhibitions and "Draw Mohammed" days and celebrations that have occurred around the world since 2006
The most famous among these is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," which first happened on May 20, 2010, and which in the following years has continued informally as an annual event every May 20

Over the recent months, report after report has been raising the issues that relate to the fact that Christians is the most persecuted religious group globally. Studies consistently show that Christians suffer significantly higher levels of persecution and intolerance

Turquía demuele una iglesia cristiana histórica, la "Santa Sofía de Bursa" Boicotea a Turquía. Las autoridades turcas demolieron complétamente la histórica iglesia cristiana de San Jorge el miércoles pasado, una estructura icónica conocida como «Santa Sofía de Bursa»

Welcome to "I Support Israel" fans group!
Join this group if you're sick and tired of terror!
If you don't want to hear anymore that people die because of fanaticism; that people choose to take human lives by following the violent verses of the koran

It is our position that shariah law imposes second class status on women and is incompatible with the standards of liberal Western societies and the basic principles of human rights that include equality under the law and the protection of individual freedoms

Sultan Marmed Nazi, le « déséquilibré » qui a tué Timothy parce qu’il n’était pas musulman ne sera pas jugé
J’ai la haine. Une haine absolue, tenace. Contre l’assassin. Contre les experts et juges qui permettent une telle injustice. Contre les connards qui, en votant pour des dégénérés qui n’ont de cesse d’excuser les immigrés, légaux ou illégaux, et de rendre leurs crimes impunis. . Pauvre gosse, pauvre Timothy. Il n’a pas eu de chance

Michelle Obama is under fire for her silence on this child pornography scandal
The bad news keeps rolling in for Michelle Obama
The former First Lady is facing some of the ugliest accusations of her public life
And that’s because Michelle Obama is under fire for her silence on this child pornography scandal

Mainstream Democrats are openly announcing their plans to pack the Supreme Court early next year. Democrats like Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He now openly acknowledges that Democrats are motivated not by the principles of the US Constitution, but simply by the pursuit of raw power

Partiledare för den lilla lokala Malmölistan, avslöjar hur långt den islamistiska
förruttnelsen gått inom socialdemokratin i Malmö
Och i avsaknad av någon kritiskt granskande journalistik i staden har det fått fortgå ostört i många år
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