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Mattheus 24

2 Ziet gij niet al deze dingen?
17 Die op het dak is,

People from the christian majority in Uganda are often killed by people from the muslim minority. On the morning of June 23 rd, Christians gathered to plan retaliation, but local officials intervened and called the police to ease tensions. The district police commander, resident district commissioner, and local leaders condemned the killings. According to MSN, this assault was the latest instance of Christians being persecuted in Uganda

Stöd Sverigedemokraterna och stoppa Islam i Sverige

Support Israel by signing this petition and help fight media bias, hate crimes against Jews, and anti-Semitism. Together, we can fight this problem, creating a positive movement with a united Jewish front

Our nation's security and its cherished value of free speech has been endangered by the bullying campaigns of radical Islamic groups, masquerading as "civil rights" organizations, to remove any reference to the Islamist motivation behind Islamic terrorist attacks

When the muslim occupiers conquered Jerusalem. They introduced their diabolic religion in the area. For hundreds of years both Christians and Jews were prohibited from building higher than Muslim structures. Islam is always at war with other religions, and needs to be stopped

En frihedskæmper der er værd at følge. Han udstiller både muslimer og myndigheders dobbeltmoral

What makes our team so special? We are women. Women who know what it takes to get the job done. A group of women who knows that the next 4 years is critical. Our team has decades of experience in politics, media, and grassroots activism. Women that have been successful, and have shown they can make a difference. There are millions of women who support Donald Trump and we’re not standing in the shadows anymore!

Unterstützen Sie die NPD und stoppt den islam in Deutschland

Do black lives matter in Africa?. Hopefully. Fox : ISIS beheads 10 Christian captives in Nigeria as retaliation for Baghdadi's death. ISIS released a video Thursday that purportedly shows militants in black masks beheading 10 blindfolded Christian men and shooting an 11th in Nigeria, as part of a grisly campaign to avenge the deaths of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the group's spokesman

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Er staat ergens in een schoolkrantje van de lagere school geschreven dat ik gezegd zou hebben dat wanneer ik de kerstman ben, ik sinterklaas uit de hemel zal trappen.
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Moet je niet op 4-8 een telefoontje vanuit de woningbouw plegen.

Islam is a bloodthirsty and dangerous religion. Koran: "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

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Location:  Niet dat wij de ammoniak uit het Kruitvat verwijdert hebben!

Remettre la France en ordre, en cinq ans. C’est l’engagement que je prends.
Mon projet contient 144 grandes mesures qui vous seront détaillées tout au long de la campagne. J’ai voulu, par cette démarche, vous permettre de contrôler mon action à la tête de l’État au cours du quinquennat. Sans ce contrôle, il n’existe pas de démocratie saine

Muslims are the ones who always mock America and american lifestyle. They hate black and white christians. Throw the muslim immigrants out of your country

Trump will keep America as a healthy christian nation

Blacks for Trump

Nacional, na medida em que considera a nação como um quadro de referência à acção do Homem, funcionando como entidade facilitadora e integradora do seu desenvolvimento e da sua acção. Uma nação entendida como comunidade de sangue, de terra, de bens e de destino, e reunindo os homens que, entre si, possuem vínculos históricos, culturais e linguísticos. Mas uma nação aberta ao mundo, à competição e ao futuro, nunca uma nação temerosamente fechada sobre si própria

A facist religion like islam does not belong in the UK or anywhere. Stand up for the United Kingdom and the British way of life, with a foreign policy that protects Britain’s standing in the world, keeps our borders safe with effective immigration controls, and taking a firm but fair approach to law and order

Far too many conflate conservatism with libertarianism or simple nostalgia, and in doing so they ignore the true intellectual roots and maturity of the conservative perspective

At besøge den forfulgte kirke er en vital del af Open Doors’ arbejde.
Vi rejser ud med opmuntring og bibler til forfulgte kristne i hele verden, og de fortæller os, at vores nærvær betyder uendeligt meget for dem! De erfarer, at de ikke står alene i forfølgelsen, men at vi står sammen med dem

Trump will restore law and order in the US

Latinos for Trump

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Lieg 25, en dat ontkent zij.

I created WAWatch to report and comment on the direction Washington is going from a conservative viewpoint. This site will reflect a strong stance on conservative values, the 2nd Amendment, as well as the 1st. Though we try to keep reporting without anger, sometimes it just couldn’t be helped. With positive feedback I’ll eventually connect an RSS feed

Imagine yourself as someone completely different from societal norms. Someone filled with a hate that compels you to murder. And at the same time your "Holy" book (the koran) commands you to kill people who are not like you

Everyone is the potential target of racism. Anti-white racism is not okay, despite what lefties and BLM members might claim

Fremskrittspartiet jobber hver dag med å skape en enklere hverdag for folk flest. Sammen vil vi skape et samfunn med mer frihet og økt trygghet. Det handler om å kutte i skatter og avgifter, bygge gode og trygge veier, prioritere en varm og verdig eldreomsorg, redusere helsekøene og føre en ansvarlig innvandringspolitikk. Våre folkevalgte jobber målrettet for dette på Stortinget, i regjeringen, i fylkesting og i kommunestyrer og bystyrer over hele landet

The right will always strike back as long as left-wingers continue to make political alliances with islamic terrorists. Multiculturalism is not a problem, but islam is


At der skydes på åben gade, kender vi også til i Danmark, når især banderne skal markere deres territorium og foretage deres hævnaktioner. For at afslutte en mulig kortslutning af debatten konstaterer jeg, at vi siden sidst i 1970’erne har haft vores egen etniske bærme i form af især Hells Angels og Bandidos. Men på grund af den førte udlændingepolitik har vi fået så mange bander bestående især af arabere, afrikanere og andre fra Stormellemøsten, at ingen ved hvor mange

Biden is the puppet candidate for the American Marxist Revolution, a communist movement, that supports the part of the demonstrators that riot and destroy, just to try and make Trumps America look bad

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Even though the government gemeente had ordered a ban on forest fires 666 and his girls in the state gemeente starting at the beginning of 2007, the photos show smoke, flames, and just how ineffective the ban woningontruiming has been.
Location:  ; Ik heb een spannend meisje in het bos ontmoet.

forest destroyers can burn the forest freely, clearing the land to turn it into pastures, without being held accountable.

The scary situation is as follows. In the past decade followers of Islam have increased by 235%. The United States is now home to nearly eight million Muslims and that number is growing by 250,000 per year according to State Department and Homeland Security estimates. Also consider that 100,000 people in America convert to Islam each year while current Muslim Families already in residence grow in size nearly twice as fast as traditional American families. Nearly 80% of the more than 1,200 mosques have been built in just the past 12 years. Under Common Core, Islam and Sharia law are taught in a very positive light in both public and charter schools, while Christianity, much of civics and our Constitution, are not taught

Contrastare ogni forma di radicalizzazione dell’Islam da cui nascono gli estremismi ed ogni tentativo di sottomettere la libertà sociale e culturale occidentale. Lo Stato pone dei paletti oltre cui nessuna religione o ideologia può andare, la legge non scende a compromessi su nessuna questione religiosa e non fa passi indietro sui valori fondamentali della Costituzione. Regole chiare, predicazione obbligatoriamente in italiano, certificazione della provenienza dei fondi che finanziano moschee e centri culturali islamici, impedire lo svilimento della donna, vietare la crudele macellazione halal e tutte le azioni in conflitto con la legge italiana

The muslim candidate from the democratic party Ilhan Omar, thinks that it is absolutely okay to kill 1 million armenian christians during the armenian genocide. In her home country Somalia, christian somalians are killed everyday and put into concentration camps. Maybe she is just raised with the views that it is okay to treat christians that way

International Free Press Society’s Mohammed Cartoon Fundraiser Succeeds Despite Cyber Attack
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