Islam is the only religion in the world that has a death penalty against people who want to leave the religion

Lokalpolitiker Mohamed Amalti (Ap) skriver på Facebook: «Det er psykiatrien og systemet i dette landet det er noe galt med, ikke det somaliske miljøet!» Nordmenn forventes å være forståelsesfulle når de drepes av innvandrere

Muslims constantly insult non-muslims with terrorism, sharia, and the oppression of women. My goal is to insult islam and muslims as often as possibly

Dr. Bill Warner is a prominent and highly respected expert on Political Islam. He holds a PhD in Physics & Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University. He has held positions as a research scientist, business owner and University Professor

Antifa har intet at gøre med anti-facisme. Antifa er facister. Hvis de virkeligt var anti-facister, hvor har man så nogensinde set dem protestere hver gang medierne påviser at kristne er de mest forfulgte i verden?. Hvor er de hver gang jøder, kristne, homoseksuelle, og andre der ikke er muslimer bliver overfaldet af muslimer i gaderne?. Antifa er facister, og folk der kæmper imod antifa er de ægte anti-facister

Antifa has nothing to do with anti-facism. Antifa are facists. If they were really anti facists, then where would they be protesting every time the media brings the fact that christians are the most persecuted people in the world? Where are they every time jews, christians, homosexuals and others who are not muslims are assaulted by muslims on the streets?. Antifa is clearly the facists, and people who fight against antifa are the real antifacists

Muslim terrorists should be punished harder. So the Brits will now double the sentences that such Islamic terrorists receive and put an end to the early release programs that allowed Amman to be back out on the streets so quickly. … The British government plans to announce new rules for the imprisonment of convicted terrorists after an Islamic militant who was recently released from prison stabbed two people in south London, the second such attack in less than three months

Sverigedemokraternas officiella Facebook-sida. Det sverigevänliga alternativet

Black supremacy or black supremacism is a racial supremacist belief which maintains that black people are superior to people of other races

In Islam, Allah is a slaver, who sanctions enslaving other people by Muslims in the Quran. Prophet Mohammed was a slaver, who took 20% from the profits derived from the sale of slaves. He also owned 40 slaves
He beat and raped his slaves. He hated the Blacks and compared them to Satan

Zusammengefunden haben wir uns als Bürger mit unterschiedlicher Geschichte und Erfahrung, mit unterschiedlicher Ausbildung, mit unterschiedlichem politischen Werdegang. Das geschah in dem Bewusstsein, dass es an der Zeit war, ungeachtet aller Unterschiede, gemeinsam zu handeln und verantwortungsbewusst zu tun, wozu wir uns verpflichtet fühlen

As you know, I am the President of the Danish and International Free Press Societies. Both organisations are entirely and exclusively devoted to the protection of free speech. Apart from that, we have no political or religious agenda

Libertarian Party Condemns Federal Court Decision RestrictingBallot Access In Pennsylvania

Kønsdiskrimination i Danmark. Skattekroner kan gå til psykologhjælp til kvinder, men ikke til mænd

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Maak ze eerst afhankelijk, en leg ze dan onze voorwaarden op.
Of, creëer eerst zelf het probleem, en biedt ze dan onze oplossing aan.

We must ban Muslim immigration and ban Islam in CANADA. Muslims never go to other countries to fit in, but to change them

Schon Voltaires Meinung über den „Propheten“ des Islam war nicht gerade schmeichelhaft - so schrieb er im Jahre 1740 in einem Brief an Friedrich den Großen

Freedom X is dedicated to protecting christianity and conservative freedom of expression against those who wish to censor, silence, or intimidate it into submission

There are many disadvantages of Islamization. The main issue is of course that it comes at the expense of our own culture, which is the foundation of our lifestyle, our sense of community and our well-functioning society. Also, our western culture is simply better than that of the Muslims because it is freer, includes human rights, and is more productive. In addition, Western culture makes people more self-confident, happy and loving, because unlike the Muslim culture it does not cultivate aggression, fragile feelings of honor, and intolerance against other faiths. Furthermore, we allow free speech and allow women and feminine qualities to bloom freely for the benefit of themselves, men, and society

Islam är en sjukdom som ger död och förstörelse överallt

I am going to be talking to Al Fadi about his journey out of Islam and how he came to be a follower of Christ

Christians remain the most persecuted religious group in the world, new figures from the Pew Research Centre show

Størstedelen af religiøs forfølgelse rundt om i verden er rettet mod kristne. Kristenforfølgelsen kommer os i den grad ved

President Trump’s approval ratings are in. He is enjoying a 49% approval rating among black americans – better than Obama’s at the same respective time period in his Presidency. I must say that is very good. Black christians do not want a muslim takeover of america either

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Zo dametjes klimgraag. Het zou toch wat zijn he wanneer ze dat weer gaan zeggen!

Geen cent afgeven.

Persona non grata zal binnenkort de Amazones verderop …………..

Connecticut: Muslim Man Arrested Over Attempt To Join ISIS. Muslims who want to commit terrorism is everywhere. Unfortunately the media and the people are not even supprised anymore

Alternativ för Sverige är ett parti som företräder Sverige och det svenska folkets gemensamma intressen. Partiet har bildats med syfte att vara ett alternativ till de gamla partierna och ett alternativ för Sverige

As this is being written, Saeed Abedini, an American citizen and evangelical pastor, sits in an Iranian jail awaiting his trial. The expected ruling is death, for charges which are presumed to be related to his Christian faith. In Christian countries, muslims are everywhere, but christians are not allowed in muslim countries. Double standards as usual

Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic. Women should have no rights according to islam they say

“The Angry Foreigner” advarer nu : turister er ikke sikre i Sverige ! Og det er IKKE risikoen for at blive smittet med den kinesiske virus, han tænker på – men angreb fra flygtninge/indvandrere mm !

I totally agree. I am in France and people from India, hindus, people from Sri Lanka or from East Asia, buddhists, or people from Christian Africa, or from Latin America, etc, they come and they integrate wondefully because France is a machine of integration, BUT THE ONLY ONES THAT CREATE TROUBE, THAT DON'T ADAPT, THAT DON'T INTEGRATE AND THT COMPLAIN, THAT LOOK FOR TROUBLE ALL THE TIME, ARE MUSLIMS

Muslims are the problem, not multiculturalism

British Muslims Demand Removal of BBC Documentary on Islamic Sex Traffic... Inside Islam: Some of the truths Muslims don't want non-Muslims to know

Founded in 2012, Generation Identity is the biggest patriotic youth movement in Europe. With active groups in many European countries such as Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Hungary, we have became a driving force to defend our European identities and traditions against globalization and the mass migration that Europe is facing

Die 213. PEGIDA Veranstaltung wird vielen noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Ein hochkarätig besetztes Rednerteam mit hervorragenden Reden und einem schönen Abendspaziergang durch die Altstadt Dresdens

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