125 killed, over 320 injured from Indonesia's football match stampede: police

Italian Newspaper La Repubblica reports that NATO has sent an intelligence warning to its alli [...] #Donbass

US Engineered Energy Crisis in Europe. Weaponizing the Dollar, Global Economic Depression

American Russophobia: A Tale of Neocon, Liberal, and Progressive Warmongers

The complete liberation of the territory of the “new regions” of Russia and the demilitarizati [...] #Donbass

I'm sure that most of these doomer idiots are just trolling, but perhaps some of them are sinc [...] #Donbass

I love you mate, and your commentary, but I’m afraid I must disagree with you on this one sing [...] #Donbass

Bravo. Simply. 👇👇👇 #Donbass

⚡️⚡️ Russian report on the defense of Lissitchansk on the Belogorovka-Spornoye-Berestovoye l [...] #Donbass

Attention all members of Slavyangrad chat. #Donbass

GB: The background noise in the video (the only other sound heard apart from the voice of the [...] #Donbass

Digital rights group documents more than 130 violations against Palestinian digital content in September #Palestine

Boris Johnson will become the head of the party group "Conservative Friends of Ukraine" in the [...] #Donbass

The bladder is internally lined with squamous mucosa, which is from the red group. This squamous mucosa belongs to the outer skin pattern and hurts in the vagotonic healing phase. For the left and the right bladder half, there are correspondingly two brain relays, which are moreover in the territorial area. Besides handedness, hormonal status […]

India Just Discredited All Those Who Falsely Claimed That It’s Turning Against Russia

“Germany is acting as an American Vassal in the Ukraine War”

winner of Syria’s Reading Challenge participates in finals on Arab level

[Photo] ⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Situation in the #Lyman Direction at 18:00 on 2 Oct 2022⚡️ #Donbass

Afghan Women Stage Protest in Herat after Kabul Suicide Bombing

Gladio, WACL, Fascism and the CIA with Hugo Turner

Sandy Hook Lawyer Admits Lawsuit Against Alex Jones Is Designed To Silence Independent Media

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