It Was A Surprisingly Wise Move By The West Not To Fast-Track Ukraine’s NATO Membership

Truss may be removed by Christmas as leadership in crisis

Indonesian police say at least 127 people killed in violence at football match

Harvesting Cotton crop in Deir-Ezzor

Thousands of German Stores on Brink of Closure

[Photo] Don't tell "them" that Kharkov isn't in Donbass.... #Donbass

🎬 The Indonesian military killed hundreds of thousands of communists from 1965 onwards. To this day, Germany denies knowledge of this. Our investig...

Brazil: A Presidential Election that Will Mark the Immediate Future of Latin America (Interview)

Putin to appoint interim heads of 4 new regions within 10 days after accession to Russia

China’s BRICS Presidency 2022: Iinitial Results

The Ukrainian armed forces do not stop shelling the Donetsk people’s republic. A civilian was wounded in the village of Vladimirovka

The Main Things About Mobilization Process In Russia

US Official: UK and US Navy Capable of Conducting Nord Stream Attack

PLO warns of settlement expansion ahead of upcoming Israeli elections

Protesters Besiege French Embassy in Burkina Faso (+Video)

Journalist Camila Escalante: Brazilians Will Vote for Lula Because They Want to Survive (Chavista Chronicles from Caracas Interview)

Jimmy Savile Investigator Is Working On Case Against ‘Very Significant’ Pedophile Who ‘Might Only Be Named When He Dies’

129 dead, 180 injuries in football stadium stampede in Indonesia

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Kurginyan: Either the system regroups, or death! What must be done before it’s too late?

Over 14,500 Donbass residents cross Russian border in Rostov Region in 24 hours

Lula could win Brazil’s election in first round: Poll

Member of Russian State Duma deputy comments on the situation near Krasny Liman: The problem is numerous lies

Thousands protest for Welsh independence from UK

Australia to impose sanctions against 28 Russians due to referendums — Foreign Ministry

The Ukrainian Conflict Might Have Already Derailed China’s Superpower Trajectory

Why Are Corporations Blamed, Instead of the Billionaires Who Control Them?
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